Anonymous Souls

Last night I was reading Marianne Willaimson’s “A Return to Love” and I thought about how nice it would be if there was a place like AA, but to share our positive experiences. Times when we rose above our ego. Times when we thought we overcame one of our demons and wanted to share. Often times I have heard people talk about AA and I’ve wondered, why couldn’t I have some sort of addiction so I could join this spiritual, non-religious group and get inspiration and motivation for my day! 🙂

So In light of that idea I decided to start this blog. I will post the times where I have felt I took a baby step in my spiritual development and would love if you would share yours. We are all on this spiritual journey together so why not share the experiences that have helped you and connect to other souls.

I chose Anonymous Souls because of the idea from AA; however, the more I thought about it we are all connected, all one and yet all anonymous to one another. My belief is that this “body” I have is just a temporary shell and therefore my true soul is really anonymous, as is everyone elses. I am a believer that we are all like cells in a body. We all work together as one unit [the Unit-verse], but yet have our own cellular integrity which is this body we were lent temporarily.

I am on a journey with every single one of you. What I do, both positively and negatively affects everyone, so I want to share the positive and maybe at times get some insight into the negative, to turn it positive.

Thank you for reading and please share as this blog is for all of us cells trying to make the Unit-Verse a better place!

Have a beautiful day,



2 thoughts on “Anonymous Souls

  1. So let’s start the group! Hi, my name is Beth, and I am an anonymous soul, traveling here on this plane. BTW, your message today won’t open – and I don’t see it listed on your blog. Not sure what happened. Later!

  2. Hi Beth! I am an anonymous soul trying to figure out my purpose. My soul knows, but hasn’t told my body or my mind yet LOL. I reposted it now, so i ti sfixed. I’m so glad these two souls (re) met in this lifetime.

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