My Viking Horse

My Viking Horse

I was in Iceland 6 weeks ago and I finally got a chance to look at the pictures. As soon as I saw this one I had to share this story! Iceland has special Viking horses that are native to only Iceland. They are sweet, gentle beautiful horses and they are all along the countryside. The day of our snowmobile excursion I really wanted to pet one, but we were running late that I relinquished the thought. I knew that by the time we finished it would be pitch black and we would not get a chance to see the horses again. When we finished snowmobiling we went to see the active geysers and went inside a rest stop to get some food and look for souvenirs. As I am walking around the store my guides show me a picture of a white horse. They told me to focus on the picture, but that was the end of the message so I figured it was nothing. When we started driving back home TJ wakes me up and says “look at the horse”, it was the EXACT horse in the picture! I had not shared this with him as I thought it was unimportant at the time, but as soon as he pointed to the horse I shared my story with him. I asked him to pull over as I needed to meet this horse. When I got off the car I went straight to the horse and asked him if he had been waiting to meet me and he nodded his head. I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he stood to the side and posed. He then came closer when I asked him if I could pet him. I knew that we were intended to meet one another, but I wasn’t sure why until a few days later. When I arrived home I opened my Akashic Records one morning and I asked for the message of the day. They showed me a horse. I asked the Records what the horse meant and they told me it was my symbol for my sister who passed 25 years ago. I have always known that my sister is close and I talk to her daily, but now I know each time I see a horse that she is close by! I love you Ali 🙂


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