Thank You Angels

I NEVER check my voicemail messages. Weeks could go by and rarely do I call to check the messages. So why did two nights ago I pick up the phone, right before bed, and check the voicemail? I still do not know, but it was a dreaded phone call. One my astrology clients called and told me her son-in-law had committed suicide. I dropped the phone and was speechless. Needless to say I did not sleep at all that night. I kept replaying the reading I gave her and her daughter the previous weeks before. Did I say the right thing? Did I miss something? I felt guilty for someone’s death that I had never met! Last year I gave up astrology for a few months because I thought I might be “playing God”. I have this amazing tool, but who am I to tell people what’s in store. I am a Sagittarius rising so I always look for the lesson and the positive, but the thought of thinking that I might have to do with someone’s destiny scared me. When I read the Akashic Records, give a psychic reading or clear energy, I don’t feel this way. It’s as if you know you’re a channel for the healer guides to come through and work, you really aren’t involved other than relaying the messages. So why did I feel so differently about astrology? About 6 months after my hiatus I resumed my astrology readings, but I took a totally different approach to them. Just like I am the channel for other psychic tools, why should astrology be any different? I noticed my readings were better, more accurate and I wasn’t as nervous anymore to say the right thing, because the guides take over, just like with everything else I do. Well, two nights ago I forgot the lesson I had learned. I couldn’t sleep for two nights; I was depressed, grumpy and antisocial. I knew something was wrong, but no matter how much I saged myself, cleansed or prayed, I couldn’t kick the feeling that I did something wrong. Yesterday when I was meditating I immediately saw an angel approach me. She was wearing a gown and I saw her hands, no face, but a very bright light lit up the space and within seconds I was back to myself. What every energy attachment I had was lifted, gone, instantly. I have always known that I was being guided and surrounded by angels, and I speak to them daily; however, this was more than a cleansing, I felt as if it was a message. I’m anxious to know its meaning and see how the rest of the story unfolds.

Thank you and have a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “Thank You Angels

  1. Trust in yourself. This guy who committed suicide- it was all him- his decision, his choice. I think your angel was sending you unconditional love, support and comfort and to know that everything happens perfectly- God is in charge. Feel the unconditional love for yourself. Forgive yourself and release any blame you have placed upon yourself. You are innocent!

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