The next teacher? Total Integration & Acceptance

I am going through an amazing Shamanic Apprentice Program. I have learned and grown so much with my teachers. I do not know exactly how we found each other, but we did and I knew it was meant to be. I was taking myself on a Shamanic Journey and a “brother Victor” showed up and told me had a gift for me. A few weeks later I get an email from Vic Munoz who runs this Shaman program. I tried tracing back the emails to see how we “met” and to this day it’s unclear. What is clear is that he was the next teacher on my path and POOF! he showed up. Looking back this has always been the case, I probably wasn’t aware of it, but it has always been true. This Shamanic program is wrapping up in a couple of weeks and naturally I have been asking what is next. I have a FT job as an educator, but the spiritual work has taken over and I see myself leaving the world of education and working with the spiritual realm FT which is my true passion. I took myself on a shamanic journey the other day to search for the “new teacher” or the “next step” and what I found and experienced was truly wonderful and miraculous! As I journeyed into my heart chakra I see Superman carrying me. I was Wonder Woman in this journey [as a child I was told I looked exactly like Linda Carter so it makes sense] 🙂 Suddenly, Superman disappears and I am suspended in the air, comfortably flying. A moment later I was swimming in muddy water. I could not see the bottom of the ocean. When I asked what was going on I was told “you’re looking for solid ground”. Suddenly I was mud! So I took the mud and with my hands I made a Frances out of mud and just started hugging her. The more I held her, the more solid she became. Suddenly I turned into a glitz and glamour Barbie doll! I wrapped her in a [fake] fur coat and off to the cameras she went! In an instant Barbie and I joined as one and were meditating on top of Mount Olympus and then I turned into a mermaid, swimming in clear water and feeling very natural at home. As I started asking the significance, I realized that I went full circle through the 4 elements…fire, earth, wind and water, I started off being carried [by a teacher] and then left to be my own teacher. The 5th element was love. When I loved and embraced all aspects of myself, the one who doubts, the one who meditates and is on a persistent spiritual path, and even the dramatic, glitzy side of me…when I fully accepted all of me..then is when I went into clear waters into my natural home, I know that there will always be teachers on the path, we are all being taught daily, but I definitely learned that all of those teachers are integrated into myself and maybe it’s my turn to be a teacher now!

Thank you and have a beautiful day!




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