Everything happens FOR you so pay attention!


This week I had so many messages, they were related to nature, our thoughts and to awareness. If we really were present for each moment we would notice we are always getting signs, messages, and cues. We usually don’t pay attention because we are so wrapped up in our thoughts and our mind that we aren’t open to receiving. I remember teaching my niece and my daughter to be open, to listen and pay attention to their spirit guides. Within a matter of days my niece was Facebooking me “Ti, my guides talked to me today”. My daughter delighted when she exclaimed, “my spirit guides told me”. How easy it is for children to believe and know that these guides, intuitions, gut feelings are true. We adults need reminding and I’m thankful my guides are patient enough with me to nudge me so I can be aware and notice. I just wanted to share a few things that happened this week so maybe this can help you become more aware in your life and end some of your suffering.

I went outside for my morning prayer this week and as I sat there and stared at the grass I had a flashback to high school. During my sophomore year I was friends with a boy. He did not like me because I was a little overweight. When I was younger I struggled with an extra 15-20 pounds so it made sense that a guy like that wouldn’t like me, but as a friend. When I returned to the present moment my guides told me to take a blade of grass and keep it with me. They reminded me that I’m not my physical body and that this would help me remember throughout the day. We have all heard “live in the present”, be in the “now” and I try, but it isn’t always that easy. We get caught up in our appearance, our thoughts and everything that we are NOT! I know this. I try and live this, but we all need reminders [this was one of those weeks!]. I have tucked this blade of grass into my cell phone case, a little peaks out at me, helps keep me grounded and reminds me to live in the now.

I was driving to work and Nate Berkus was being interviewed by Oprah. He was describing the tsunami he had lived through a few years back. He described the ocean as a powerful force. Suddenly I get another nudge. “Did you hear that?” my angels say. You’re water, you’re that ocean, you’re that powerful. As a pisces, and with a lot of water in my astrological chart it resonated with me, but we are all that powerful. We are all one. We are all that strength. We forget because our mind and thoughts take a hold of us and tell us we are too fat, too lazy or not rich enough. We all need to remember that like the ocean, we are that powerful. We can be as destructive as that tsunami, usually to ourselves, but we are also grand and vast like the oceans and can reach everywhere.

I was getting dressed for work the other morning and didn’t like a dress I was wearing so I changed. I automatically started with the negative thoughts, self-defeating, unhealthy thoughts. I was lucky enough to STOP! Our thoughts are ONLY related to past experiences. They take us to the past of what we had or brings us into the future of what we want. We are not our thoughts because they are not in the NOW. We are meant to live in the present moment and I can only feel bad about how I looked in that dress because I had a previous thought and experience about it. If we can stop ourselves and remember to live in the now, that thoughts are lies, deceiving and taking us to a place where we are no longer live, we can be free of suffering like Buddha said. If we let go of our thoughts, if we live in the present moment, we are essentially free because we have no other point of reference then the right now. Right now is perfect!

Later on in the week, I had had enough at work and I was going to resign. My hubby was stressed because we are buying a house and it’s a great paying job. I know that in my life everything has always worked out. I don’t tend to be fearful of not having money or being on the streets or that anything bad will happen. I guess it’s my Sagittarius rising that keeps me with a positive attitude J As he talked to me about waiting to resign, giving it a few months and pouring his doubts on me I began to become doubtful and fearful as well. I was a bit angry that I had let him influence me. I wanted to resign, things were a mess in the office, he didn’t get it! Then I get another nudge from my guides when they remind me that what we experience on the outside is just a reflection of what is happening inside. Maybe TJ’s reaction was what I needed. I need to slow down, plan my next move a bit better. I didn’t like it, but it made sense. Suddenly an epiphany, what if the situation at work was a reflection of what was inside as well? What was a mess inside that I had to stick around to fix. I prayed and meditated on it and realized that my eating habits and exercise routine had become out-of-whack since I started this job 5 months ago. I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I used to. I had put on about 10 pounds. It suddenly became so clear. Fix yourself inside and things in the office would improve. I got right back to planning my meals that, packing my breakfast and lunch, exercising and the VERY NEXT DAY so many things had changed in the office. It was an amazing turnaround. Things that I had been fighting for weeks were suddenly starting to get in motion. Take a look inside, what needs fixing? What is your external life reflecting that is going on inside?

I read a quote in a Byron Katie book once “Everything happens FOR me, not TO me”. This is so accurate. If we pay attention to what God, the universe, the sprit guides, our angels are telling us and showing us, we could end own self-imposed suffering. If we live in the now, If we are present in our lives, we realize that everything is a message, a symbolism, a gift for us, we won’t take things personally. We are living in a world of messages, insight and love. Maybe you want to take a blade of grass and place it in your cell phone, place a pebble in your pocket or place a reminder on your phone about how amazing and loved you are. But please….Pay attention and you will start to feel so much happier!

Have a blessed day!

PS. This picture appeared in my meditation yesterday. It symbolizes going into nature, into ourselves for the peace we’re looking for. Just wanted to share.






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