Today is STOP SELF CRITICISM day. It’s the day to start forgiving yourself and start embracing all of you. Today is the day to find what you most dislike about yourself and make a Top Ten list of why you should love it and why it makes you YOU-NIQUE.

Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, as we forgive ourselves and love ourselves others begin to get healed as well. We are all connected and the self love we give ourselves we send out into the Universe.

Today is the day to get into your bath and enjoy that sugar scrub that you never have time for. Mine fell off the shelf! It’s as if the Universe was asking me to take a few extra minutes to enjoy my body. As I used it this morning I started telling each part of my body how thankful and appreciative I was for the function it had. As I used the scrub it felt as if that part of me was being reborn and rejuvenated.

Today is the day to speak to yourself the way you speak to your garden plants and flowers, with love, and music, to make them grow. It has been proven scientifically through many experiments that plants thrive on hearing their owners speak to them positively and listening to music. Flowers get a new lease on life by hearing nice words and listening to music so why shouldn’t we? Get out your favorite music (It’s Beiber’s birthday today so maybe that will work) and sing to yourself. Sing “Baby Love” by the Supremes “Baby love, my baby love, oh oh oh oh I need you” or any song that will remind you of what you mean and how important you are in this Universe. Make that song your mantra or your ringtone. Place a reminder on your Outlook. Speak nice words and sing beautiful songs and you will inevitably start feeling that way about yourself.

When we stop loving ourselves we become more tolerable of negative situations, abusive relationships and we accept a mediocre life. We have been programmed to put others first and that it is selfish if we love ourselves or take care of our needs before taking care of others. I’m here to tell you that is a BIG FAT LIE! How can you care for anything if you do not know how to care for yourself? It is not selfish to take care of yourself first, it is natural. The reality is that we reflect onto others and the Universe how we feel about ourselves. If we want to see the world improve, we must improve ourselves, and self improvement must start with self-love!

Lucille Ball said it best “love yourself and everything falls into line”. Start a romance with YOU today. Think back at Valentine’s Day, this year or a previous one. Think of all of the wonderful things you did for the person you loved so much. Have you ever done any of that for yourself? Today is the day to start!

When I asked for a message today my guides showed me a microscope. They asked me to stop putting myself under a microscope and being so judgmental and critical of myself. When we are negative, judgmental and critical we fail to allow are wholeness and true beauty to shine. We are censoring all that has been created as “us” to shine. That is the real selfish act. “Let yourself shine” they said.

Stop self criticism and start self love. Join the movement!


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