Saturday School! (Part 2 of “Stop Self Criticism” Day)

I received a lot of great feedback from the “STOP SELF CRITICISM” day post yesterday, so thank you. Here is part two.
So, time to get to work! How to love yourself? First is to forgive. Second is honesty.
There is a concept in physics called nonlocality. Nonlocality is a word used by scientists about time in quantum physics. An elementary particle can be everywhere at the same time. We think that one thing cannot be several places at once, but scientists have agreed that an elementary particle – an electron – can be both here and there at the same time. It can be both this and that at the same time.
So, let’s use this principle to go back to a time where you were not pleased with what you said or did. Thoughts you had or karma created. Close your eyes, go back to where the hurt comes from, set the intention to forgive yourself for saying or doing something you’re not pleased with, and let it go. That’s all. There is no need to hold on to grudges, hate, jealousy, envy or self-loathing. Just go back, one by one, and start forgiving yourself for every feeling, emotion, thought and action that you participated in that was not your true self. Those moments in time did not and do not define you.
On my kitchen wall I have a frame of inspirational quotes. Go out and get one, look one up online or use mine. Here I have created 5 questions for myself from this frame. We need to take inward journeys, but we don’t always know how. Some of us meditate, some pray and others don’t have a daily spiritual practice or what I like to call an “inward practice”. So here’s a sample of what I did yesterday, hopefully it will help you. Remember to be honest. Only with honesty call you really know your true self!
1. List two things that matter most to you. Don’t judge yourself. I did this activity with a group once a woman said her hair was what mattered most. What a great response! What an honest response. By identifying her hair as what defined her or what mattered most we were able to explore that further. By being honest you can see where the honesty leads you
2. What is something you are scared S**T to do, but really want to do? This allows you to confront your fear. Track why you’re afraid. Follow up with a list of the worst things that can happen if you tried this. You will find that your fears were probably passed on to you by your family, conditioning, religion etc…Go back to that moment [nonlocality] forgive that event and come back to the now. Start planning a to-do list of how you can start accomplishing and confronting that fear.
3. If you had all the money in the world, what miracle would you create? Don’t judge your answer. Don’t write down what you think you should write. Be honest!
4. This is my favorite one, but BE HONEST. What amazes YOU about YOU? This is not conceit, this is truth. If it’s more than one thing wonderful, write down everything that amazes you about yourself. There are so many things you can fill a book!
5. What one word would you want on your tombstone? This is important. If you want to see “fearless” and you’re living in fear, then it’s time to make fearless changes. If you want to see “Character”, but you aren’t pleased with whom you have become or don’t sleep well at night, then it’s time to make a change. If you want to see “Reliable”, but you never follow through, then you know what you need to start doing.
There is no right or wrong answer, but it’s the first step to going inwards. Inspiration for an inward journey can come from anywhere. The key is to be honest and make it your daily homework.
Have a blessed day!


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