What do I need to be healed from?

What do I need to be healed from?

I was due for my dental check up. My teeth are pretty, white and relatively healthy. At the appointment I get some upsetting news that I need unexpected dental work. It’s nothing serious, but it’s expensive and time consuming-nonetheless, I proceed. This got me thinking. People often ask me “what do I need to be healed from?” when they hear I am an energy healer. They say, “My life is good, things are uncomplicated. There’s nothing really wrong.”

There is nothing truly wrong with my mouth either, but when I ‘m told “fix it now so it doesn’t get worse later”, I listen. So several appointments later, my teeth are back in shape!

We haven’t been trained this way with our energetic body. Western medicine hasn’t caught up with Eastern traditions yet so you don’t see your energy practitioner for a yearly cleansing or a monthly chakra tune up; however, we should. Just as our physical body needs a “well-check up” so does our energetic body.

Our energy body has several layers, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. When I conduct energy clearings I can penetrate any one of these to release outdated thoughts, trapped emotions or blockages or cut energetic cords from another life. Most people aren’t aware about how these blocks affect us in our day to day, but they’re there and often responsible for our impulsive reactions, emotions and negative behavior patterns.

Think about it, we often suffer more from the mental and emotional wounds than much of the physical pain we endure. We have pain relievers for the latter. We have energy medicine for everything else!

I remember asking my guides to show me a behavior I had in this life that resulted from a past life and they showed me that my obsession with a ton of pillows on the bed were a result of me being royalty in a past life and having slept sitting up. This is an example of how patterns form the past get trapped into our energy field and impact our behavior, our thoughts and emotions. Now there is nothing wrong with pillows on the bed (my kids would say otherwise LOL), but just as there are patterns that don’t do much to us, there are others that can be quite destructive.

Everything is energy. All we are is energy. We are all connected through this energy. We are constantly in highly-charged conversations, discussions, business meetings and since we are all energy we often clean other people’s energy field during a simple fight, criticism or gossipy remark. We can even clean someone else’s energy body by simply consoling them or being a good friend. When you give a shoulder to cry on, you’re literally wiping their tears with your energetic field. This doesn’t mean to not console your friends, but an intact energy body helps avoid you taking on something that is not your own.

Pain is an excellent motivator for spiritual seeking and often when clients find me. Crisis accelerates growth. Crisis forces us to look inwards and remind ourselves of we truly are, not what we have been pretending to be.

Why wait for a moment of crisis? Why not jumpstart healing? Why not get an “energy” tune up?

The energy body can get holes, weakened, or stretched out. An energetic healing is like non-invasive plastic surgery at the energetic level, but the results are miraculous!

I remember my first energetic cleansing. My energy body was stretched out and open to everyone’s junk. It wasn’t enough that I had my own stuff, my energy body screamed “I’m a trashcan, dump your stuff onto me, I can handle it.” After that cleaning I understood why previously I would see a commercial and cry, why others issues affected me to an extreme, why I couldn’t leave issues at work, and why I took everyone home with me…energetically speaking.

After that first “tune up”, I felt happier, more balanced, and actually became a better teacher because I had a clear energetic boundary between myself and the other person. My wisdom could come through without being diluted with “stuff”.

If your energy body is extended too far out, where you’re receiving everyone’s energy, it can take a toll on your emotional health. If it is too tight around your body, you may feel cramped, suffocated, or unable to own your true power. Maybe it has some battle wounds from a situation that occurred years ago. Emotionally you’ve moved on, but the bullets are still stuck to your energy body.

Sometimes the energy body is just dirty. Get it cleaned out. I use what I call energetic Windex. I clean up the “window” that is attracting (or repelling) everything you desire. Sometimes a wipe down is what you need to finally get in the perfect relationship, get the job you’ve dreamed of or simply sleep better at night.

When we get an energy cleansing, even though we think we do not need one, it jumpstarts the healing process. We all hold on to past wounds and issues, because it is what we know and what we’ve based our identity on. An energy tune up is a good way to get the body cleaned up so that those attachments (to false beliefs) can begin to get loosened and eliminated.

We try and eat well, exercise and rest to support our physical body; however, it’s time that letting go of useless pasts, listening to our true selves and attracting healing energy becomes just as an important part of our health routine, as the yearly doctor or dentist appointment.

Here’s to our energetic health!


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