Healing with Mirrors

Healing with Mirrors

I did an energy healing this week with a client who, like many of us, constantly gives to others, depletes herself of her own energy, and creates energy cords with others without having a solid energy boundary.

When I closed my eyes at the beginning of the session the guides immediately showed me the link between the 3rd and 4th chakras. When I checked with the pendulum they were indeed the two chakras that needed work. It isn’t uncommon that these two chakras are affected. The 3rd is related to our power, self esteem and self worth and the 4th is our heart chakra, emotions and vulnerability. It is usually when our heart is broken; we are looking for love and want more out of a relationship that our power feels stripped away.

As I looked at her energy body I saw a huge hole with energy leaking out of her. I asked the guides why and they explained that the energy was leaking out because she was giving all of her energy to others, namely men, but didn’t give any in return to herself. I asked what was causing the leak and they told me it was due to the fact that she was giving all of herself, yet leaving nothing for herself. In her case, she is focused on finding a boyfriend who will soon become a husband. She gives so much of herself and is often left feeling depleted and empty handed.

Does this sound like you? It is representative of so many of us, at different times in our lives. Sometimes we lose our power because of a job. We give our boss the time we should be giving ourselves. Sometimes we do this to maintain an image. Is your ego getting more of your attention than your soul? What about your children or the housework? Are you giving the floors or ballet practice more importance than you give yourself?

When I asked what they wanted to do to fix the leak, they said they would patch it up with a mirror. By patching the fourth chakra with a mirror they assured me that as she gave the love to others, the mirror would reflect and love would fill the hole she had in her energy body and chakras. By refilling the heart chakra with self love the 3rd chakra would strengthen and she would regain self esteem and personal power and stop depending on others for happiness.

One of the homework assignments the guides gave was for her to take a hand mirror and say something positive to herself each day. They said that they would whisper things in her ear each day, things she would be shocked to hear come out of her mouth.

Think about every time you look in the mirror. Is it usually to criticize something about yourself, lift up a cheek to eliminate a wrinkle, suck up your gut or think about a younger time? Let’s find ways to use these mirrors to reflect love on ourselves rather than criticism. For every insult, let’s whisper sweet things to ourselves.

I asked for guidance that we all could do daily to strengthen the love for ourselves and strengthen our own personal power and they gave me a mirror meditation.

Take a hand mirror and cut out a picture of the ocean and tape it into the mirror. If you have access to the ocean and shells, decorate the mirror so it becomes your personal reminder of this mediation. If you can keep a mirror in your purse, take it out throughout the day and remind yourself of this meditation.

Look into the mirror, look into the image you are seeing in the mirror, this is a reflection inwards to the beauty of your soul, the wholeness of who you truly are. Close your eyes and hear the waves crashing on the rocks. The rocks represent the ego and the personality – the face you show the world. The waves are your inner beauty – the mystery that you’re here to discover. Imagine the ocean depths. The ocean represents power and strength – the power and strength that only you possess. The sounds you hear are the healing energies of the water washing away all that is not you. Now picture the hues of blue, green and purple. These colors come and go and remind us of the different facets of who we are. Embrace the different colors of the ocean as you embrace the different parts of you. Any thoughts that come in and out of your mind are washed away. Now imagine yourself jumping in the waves with the dolphins and whales. Your inner child is being fed just by splashing around. The waves begin to settle and you start listening. Your intuition strengthens as you listen to the silence. The water is representative of your intuition. You know what is best for you. You start to breathe deeply and with every inhale you inhale love into your 4th chakra and with every exhale you breathe out shame, doubt and uncertainty. Breathe in self love, breathe out negativity. Breathe in confidence, strength and courage, eliminate powerlessness and victimization. Slowly open your eyes and see the picture of the ocean once again. Remind yourself that like the ocean you are a strong, powerful force, and anyone who is lucky enough to come within your reach will enjoy the mystery of getting to know you. Hold the mirror close to your 4th chakra, let the beauty of the ocean fill your heart chakra and repeat whatever word your spirit guide uses to describe you today. Let that word guide your day.


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