Sing Your Own Song


Each morning I go outside and connect with Mother Earth. Being a dreamy Pisces with a lot of water and little earth on my astrology chart, it is extremely important that I remain grounded. My morning practice of going out barefoot, connecting with the grass, pretending that roots extend from my soles into Mother Earth is the healthiest thing I do for myself each morning. It’s usually around 4:30 so it’s quiet and the silence is so peaceful. It provides an opportunity for me to enjoy my own silence, which is not something I do enough of.

When I go outside I bring a blanket, a rattle, open sacred space and call all of my guides and angels. It’s an amazing rush of energy I feel instantly. It is as if they are supporting my entire Being. I also call on the energy of the mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers. These are powerful energetic sources we have surrounding us and if we just call, they instantly support us and guide us.

Today I decided to do things a little different. I took my blanket and just laid on it and listened. I sat outside for several minutes just listening, nothing to see but the still trees. All I heard was the birds chirping. yet their music traveled and fed my soul. The amazing sounds and language these animals share fascinates me. I couldn’t see them, but how their energy moves me and inspires me is fascinating. I didn’t have to do a thing, just listen. I sit and wondered “what are they saying to one another”? The guides instantly answer, “they carry your prayers”.

My guides told me at that moment that we all have animal totems and that the birds are the carriers of our dreams, wishes and prayers. They told me to call on the birds to carry my prayers. It seems so obvious, but it was such a powerful message. We have so many helpers, and all we have to do is ask! Today I invite each of you to call on your bird totems and ask them to carry your prayers with a sweet song.

Close your eyes and feel what bird is speaking to you. What bird song do you carry in your heart? Is it a swan whose essence is beauty and  grace,  but started off as an ugly duckling? Is it a flamingo that stands on one leg and teaches you balance? Is it a cardinal that is whistling to notify you of something in your life that needs changing?

In Shamanism, the hummingbird is the carrier of the sweet things in life. They represent the nectar of life, the epic journey we are all here to accomplish. They are so small, yet each year she travels a long migration. They fatten up before they take flight. Today I invite you to fatten up by conquering your fears, embracing change and taking flight. Like the hummingbird, you’re here to share the road, but doing it in your own way.

Birds and their sounds remind us that we are on this journey and our presence is music. Our song is needed on Earth, without your song, your voice, this world would be missing a song that only you can sing.

The hummingbird reminds us to appreciate the sweetness sn life, the sweetness in others. Today try and hear the song of someone you normally wouldn’t “listen” to. We often are in our thoughts, planning our next comment and never really listening to the other person, especially if it is someone we dislike. Stop and hear their song today. You will see it’s quite similar to your own.

The hummingbird’s beak is buried into the sweetness of the flower. Have you stopped lately to smell a flower? Have you stopped to really breathe in what real life is all about? Have you done one thing that isn’t on your to-do list lately?

This week I received two birthday cards. They had been waiting for me in the mailbox for when I returned from vacation. They were both from Papyrus and had hummingbird messages. I knew that something would evolve throughout the week related to hummingbird and it is only as I’m writing this that I realize what it is. Is it a coincidence that yesterday was the first day of Spring? Are the guides reminding us that winter is over and now is the time for each of us to migrate and take flight?

I did several long distance readings and healings this week. One in particular really fascinated me because it was a magical reading/healing. I loved how I have been working with this particular client for years, but only know her voice, her song. We have never met and we have never even seen pictures of one another, but the work is being done by the birds.

We are so visual and have become accustomed to seeing before believing. I work for an online College and often comments like “we need to make videos for the students so they can see what we are talking about” is thrown around. We tend to want to touch and feel and see to really experience something, but the work I do with energy proves that our true essence transcends all of the physical or “real” we have come to believe.

When I close my eyes and “see” the energy field, the chakras and the manifestation of client’s issues, it is so clear that we are all energy, all connected and that the time and place are just illusions. Thank you to all of my bird totems for reminding me of this. Thank you for being carriers of my prayers.

I sit here and wrap up this post and my husband says “are you going to play me a song”? He doesn’t know what I am writing about and suddenly CSN pops into my head.CSN is my all time favorite band and I started singing Suite Judy Blue Eyes. It isn’t an accident so here I leave you a few verses from their bird song….

Chestnut brown canary
Ruby throated sparrow
Sing a song, don’t be long
Thrill me to the marrow
Voices of the angels
Ring around the moonlight

Asking me, said she so free
How can you catch the sparrow?

For the full song

May all of you take flight and may your day be filled with song!




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