Forced Into the Light


I grew up attending a spiritual center. Each Friday my family would meet with other spiritual seekers. The night was split in two distinct parts. First was the spiritual teaching for the week where we would learn about Spiritualist Philosphy the second part was comprised of trance mediumship. As a child I wasn’t too sure what I was watching when the mediums would stand up and basically “exorcise” the spirit out of the affected person. Sometimes the person was having an illness, depression, marital problems or issues with addiction. Whatever the problem, there was always a “negative” spirit attached to the person that needed to be released. When you’re 10 years old and experiencing this you’re not really sure what it is or how to explain it. I always understood the different “levels” of souls and spirits and knew that we would get “attacked” if we didn’t do what was “right”. The last thing you want is for an evil spirit to attach itself to you so as a child I tried to do everything right. I left that spiritual center when I was 33 and it was the last time I had seen, heard or spoken about these mediums and the exorcisms they participated in. It was, in my opinion, a thing of my past.

Last night I was invited to a wonderful event called Trance Healing Tables. The concept was similar, but in a more peaceful and healing way. The medium would have the lost soul enter the body and the lost soul would speak. There was no yelling or screaming like in the scene mentioned above. In scenes from my childhood, the medium literally exorcised the body while others were throwing water on the medium (now possessed) and saying “enter the light” repeatedly. The trance session last night allowed the lost souls to enter the medium’s body and have a conversation with another person explaining why they had chosen their host, so to speak.

When it was my turn I learned that the soul that had been hanging around with me was a fellow cattle herder back in the 1800s. I had died by a stampede and this particular soul felt partly responsible for my death. He was an animal lover and preferred animals to people so he inspired loneliness when he was roaming around. This resonated with me totally as I often have bouts of loneliness for no reason. I can be at a party surrounded by people and can feel as if I am the only person in a room. I can retreat to my home and feel sorry for myself for no reason, when just minutes earlier I was the life of the party. Knowing this and having this soul released “into the light” definitely made me feel better. Another soul came through which was a Mother Superior when she lived on the earthly plane. She didn’t outright state I was a nun, but her comments led me to believe this. She said that she brought judgment to my life. Just earlier that day I was judging myself so harshly about having to miss a day of work this week. I am my harshest critic and my husband repeatedly tells me to stop being so hard on myself.

Another spirit came through who was my sister Hilda in 600 AD. We were pagans and were brutally murdered because we wouldn’t adapt to the Christianity that was starting in that time. She said we hugged trees, (if my kids are reading this I hope you will understand why I take you to the park and hug tress), loved nature and followed the cycles of nature. She and another spirit Mayra, both wanted to “protect me” from being ridiculed because of my message. Once during an Akashic Record reading I was told that in many lifetimes I was killed because of the message I wanted to spread, and that in this lifetime I finally had the opportunity to spread what I believed.

The leaders of the group told us to identify with what the souls shared and then release it. I processed it, released it and felt quite free. I noticed an extraordinary amount of joy as I was driving home and this morning.

This got me to thinking. When I attended that spiritual center as a child the woman who headed the center would explain that these souls were exorcised temporarily. That it was OUR responsibility to change and grow so these souls would no longer attach to us.

We are here to learn and grow. Yes there are spiritual influences, but when we encourage the loneliness, the pity or the judgment we are embracing the energy or the vibration of these souls. I was given a gift last night (as every day of my life) and these souls were taken into the light, but it is my job to keep the high frequency in my life. When I feel lonely the next time, I have to shake it. If I look in the mirror and judge, it is my responsibility to say something positive and if I don’t stand strong in my beliefs and share my message, then it doesn’t deserve to be heard.

Many of my friends and I hang around psychic circles, spiritual grounds, meditation meetings etc. We are aware that this body is given to us so we can experience lessons, grow, and move on. But because we are so involved spiritually we have an even greater purpose and responsibility to those who watch us, learn from, and listen to us. We know these lost souls exist, we should lead them to the light, but the BEST way to do this is by not encouraging any of the negative thoughts they help foster in our minds.

We have a responsibility to our fellow humans (anonymous souls) and the lost souls to lead them into the light by example. If each of us raises our vibration, and we eliminate the judgment, the criticism, the self-loathing, the narrow-mindedness and rigidity that these lost souls introduce into our lives, we free them and we free ourselves.

I would encourage anyone to attend a trance healing table or any other spiritual center; however, remember that these experiences are only temporary unless we cease to welcome these lost souls and low-frequency vibrations into our lives. The true change begins with us and then EVERYONE around you, including the lost souls, are FORCED into the light!



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