What do iPods, Pasta & Oneness have in common?

The guides gave me an interesting image in my meditation today. They showed me paper airplanes “parked” in a row, all connected to a single antenna. I wasn’t sure what it meant so I asked for more information. They elaborated: We were all like an iPod docking station –just like these stations are wireless and connect when they sense a signal, we too can connect anytime anywhere with Spirit, but we need to be aware of the signals. We are constantly given signals throughout the day, when we listen and become aware, we can connect and recharge. They said the paper airplanes represent each of us, because like the paper airplanes are fragile representations of real airplanes, our human form is a fragile representation of our true essence. It’s all disposable, what is key is the Source, the charge!

The guides remind us that the best way for us to charge our batteries is through a connection to Source. Simply close your eyes wherever you are, say in silence “I wish to reconnect or charge my spiritual batteries” and that’s it. Connecting or meditating doesn’t have to be drawn out; it can be a simple process that reminds you to connect to center and to the Source.

One of my favorite ways to connect is to go outside around lunchtime. The sun is in full force. Just stand underneath the sun for 1-2 minutes. Feel the warmth, feel the connection. This energy is your center connecting to the Source. The sun reminds us of the warmth and holiness we truly are. As we connect to the Sun, we feel as if it’s their solely for us, but it is warming everyone at the same time.

Like the sun, the guides also told me that the docking station is a reminder of our Oneness. When we consciously acknowledge that we are all one, we automatically connect to everything and we provide power and give power to everything and everyone.

I opened my Akashic Records and asked the guides to show me an image of oneness. They showed me a pasta machine. They explained that when making pasta all of the ingredients are mixed together. Once the dough is ready, it goes through the attachment and is cut into strands of different sizes. We all start from the same place, the same dough, the same mix; however, our life experience, race, religion, ethnicity separates us into the different sizes or shapes we take on in this lifetime. The pasta mix represents our Oneness. The key is to remember that we all come from the same key ingredients and the same source.

I love to ask the guides for images so I asked for another. I asked them to show me what being One means. They show me two elephant trunks joining together to lift up a baby elephant. They said that we are all here, connected as One to lift each other up, to support each other.

When I asked for an image of how Oneness relates to the iPod docking station they showed me an image I really resonated with. They showed me a mother helping her child on a school project. They used an example in my own life where my twins were given a Greek Mythology project to complete in 6th grade and this year my daughter, now in 6th grade, has the same project. Basically we all get around to completing the same project. Some get there faster, some slower, but we are all working on the same project. Showing and shining in our true essence! When we believe that we are so different, better or worse than the next person, we have lost sight of this Oneness. What we see in others we see in ourselves. We must see love to receive love.

They explained that just like the docking station allows for different gadgets of different power and sizes to connect to the same source, we are all connected to the same source despite our differences.

Lastly the guides said that no matter the playlist on our iPod, we are all writing and singing the same song!


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