Life is like a can of vegetables…

Okay so here is a homework assignment for all of us.

1. Go to your cupboard and take out a can of vegetables.

You probably have Del Monte, Hunts, Bush’s, we tend to purchase brands we recognize and maybe even have a sentimental attachment to. I know that I always buy Del Monte because that’s what my mother bought and I also worked for them years ago. We are like the labels on these cans. We have ideas of the labels we carry, the titles we want at work, or the status we’re striving for. We may associate our self worth with the car we drive or how much we make or the city in which we live. We may think the labels we wear, like our favorite brand names, are what define us and determines who we are. This is pure ego, an armor we suit up in daily, but has nothing to do with who we truly are or what we’re really made of.

2. Peel off the label to the can.

How did this feel? Sit and meditate a moment. If you were to peel all of the labels off, rid yourself of the titles, rip up your business card and just introduce yourself as “me”, would you feel vulnerable? If you took off all of the labels of everything in the cupboard would the cans all look alike, blend in, have no identity? You wouldn’t know if you were choosing carrots, beans or peas for dinner. Ponder how this would make you feel to be so vulnerable, nameless. This is how many people feel when they don’t make a name for themselves or if they view themselves to be unremarkable or just like everyone else. We strive to stand out, market ourselves as something that we are not…a brand identifiable to others by the “outside”.

3. Now get a can opener and slightly lift the lid.

When we have no recognizable labels or identifiers, when we feel vulnerable we become like the lid, sharp. This is a self defense mechanism. We have these sharp edges to keep from getting hurt and reminding everyone “I am someone” “I am a brand name, quality product” but we hide behind these sharp edges so no one really gets to see who we truly are.

4. Now start eliminating some of the water that is covering the veggies.

This water represents the emotions associated with feeling vulnerable, feeling we don’t have an identity that stands out, emotions that may be suppressed, traumas and issues from childhood. The emotions – this water – drown the vegetables. You can’t eat these sopping wet vegetables, it drowns the true flavor. Likewise, your emotions and hurt drowns the true essence of who you are.

5. Completely drain the vegetables and serve them in a bowl.

This is you, the true essence of who you are. No labels, no ego, no physical body to identify you, no protective armor, no sharp edges, just pure yumminess.

No seasoning required!

6. Heat (this raises your vibration), love and enjoy 🙂


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