Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

On March 29th we closed on a house. It’s a gorgeous house, but I did not want it. I went through a lot of soul-searching during the house buying process as it brought up old memories I had buried deep down. For months I cried, had tantrums, healed and prayed about what would or should be.

One morning when I opened my records the guides showed me a silver platter. We were unsure at that time what would happen with the house and they told me that we would be served on a silver platter, but we wouldn’t know until the last-minute what we were getting. That’s exactly what happened!

The seller wasn’t out in time, the papers at the closing were wrong, there reached a point when the attorney said “well we will have to leave this for another day”. I had already told my husband that if it didn’t happen on this day it would not happen. It was literally at the last-minute when we finally knew we had the house.

The waterworks started! All I could do was cry and cry. I wanted so badly to remain in my cute little apartment. I had bought houses before and everything always turned out wrong. When I moved into my condo five years ago I swore I would never leave the place, at least until the kids went to college. When I met my husband he really wanted to buy a house. He said he never imagined that I could be so sad. If he would’ve known he would never have gone through with it. He thought when I excused myself from the closing table that I had crawled through the bathroom window!

I struggled for several months going back and forth about the house. I asked the guides and they always assured me that it would be okay. I could not get past all the bad memories that owning a home previously had triggered and they all came back up that day at the closing table. I remember doing the walk through earlier that day and the woman crying. She obviously had good memories there and was sad to be leaving a wonderful place. I was in the other corner crying, wishing the deal would fall through as I had no desire to pack and move into this stranger’s house when my house was perfectly fine.

I remember opening my records one day and asking about the “loss” I associate with owning a house. Besides everything in this lifetime, they told me that I had lost a child in a previous lifetime in a house. It’s as if I was dragging all of this karma for so long and suddenly this house would redeem me. They insisted that a new business would flourish here, that my family would be happy and that most importantly this would help me grow spiritually.

For the following few days I cried, had a bad attitude and felt so spiritually disconnected I never knew if I would ever feel normal again. I didn’t pray, meditate or connect to my guides because I was angry. I thought I shouldn’t even speak to them if I was behaving so miserably and even though I KNOW they don’t get mad at me, I felt as if they were mad at me. I then thought they were wrong and that I should have never listened to their advice about buying the house. I have free will, what am I doing listening to them? I asked myself. I KNEW how happy I was in my old place, what did I need to go and buy a house for? More expenses, less freedom, more things I don’t even want.

After a few days I decided to get back into my routine. I felt as if everything I was had suddenly vanished. I needed to get outside and reconnect with my guides and ask forgiveness. I went outside to pray at the new house. I didn’t have a “spot” yet so I walked around until I found an area that felt good. It was right by the lake. I sat quietly, closed my eyes and heard a symphony! The birds, crickets and other creatures were singing and laughing and it raised my vibration instantly. Oh how I missed Mother Earth, my guides and my connection to my spirit, my true essence, my true self. Instantly I was transported back to “normal” Frances, not this person who I had become for the past week.

I know the guides weren’t upset but I still felt the need to ask for forgiveness. It was forgiveness towards myself for acting like such a child, having such little faith and not appreciating everything I had to be so thankful for. Who kicks and screams for getting a beautiful lakefront property? Who has a tantrum because they get to decorate a new house? Who gets so angry about such a wonderful experience for their family?

This happens when we are stuck. To shift our vibrational frequency of our spirit we need to get shaken up. Something has to really affect us into change. Oftentimes we need a physical move in order to make a spiritual move.

The guides, with the help of my husband, had to literally force me into the next step. If someone would have told me this earlier I would have laughed. How ridiculous is that? But it’s true.

When we are upset at work because a new co-worker joins the team the Universe is shifting us into a new place so we will make a move we wouldn’t normally take. When there is a relocation, illness or an ailing parent, whatever forces you into a groove that is not your own, this is a SPIRITUAL move the guides are forcing you to make. I knew deep down this would happen, it was for my best interest and I still kicked and screamed every step of the way.

Sometimes the Universe needs to take hold and make a mess of your life (or what appears to be a mess) so that you will change and grow. At the physical plane it appears as if your life is in shambles but at the spiritual level the Universe is just Spring cleaning J

When I went out to pray that morning I called on the 4 winds which is the Shaman tradition. When I call on the winds of the South I ask Mother Serpent to shed the old behaviors, attitudes and old skin so I can grow into the new. She showed me a picture of a serpent losing her skin and as she sheds, a rainbow becomes her body. I knew that this transformation was exactly what was happening to me at so many levels. It took the peeling of my old skin (moving and releasing old patterns of thinking and behaving) so that my true colors could shine.

After receiving this vision I learned that the rainbow serpent is a powerful creation myth of the Aboriginal people. It is a snake of enormous size that lives in the waterways of Australia and protects its people. In the Mayan tradition Quetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent and protects our 3rd eye, both represent birth and renewal.

Today makes two weeks since the closing and I can absolutely say that I have given birth to a new beautiful home, one that now has colorful walls and my decorator’s touch. I have also been renewed. I had to clean through tons of boxes that held painful memories from the past 10 years of a divorce, a custody battle, a foreclosure, lost income, but I threw everything away. I now understand why the Universe had to literally move me to get me to the next level. I already have an angel workshop scheduled for next week, Astrology and Akashic record classes scheduled, fire ceremonies for the next moon cycle and an amazing workplace for my energy healings.

If you’re feeling stuck, worried about taking a chance, or resisting a change, call on the Rainbow Serpent and Quetzalcoatl—let them help remind you that you’re not the skins you have carried around for the past years or lifetimes, ask their help in shedding your old ways and embrace the changes being thrust upon you—I guarantee that they’re bold and beautiful even if the shedding process hurts a bit.

Today when I sat by the lake for my morning prayer all I could say was Thank you. I am filled with such gratitude that the Universe pulls me to and fro, and that (even though I do resist at times) my faith wins over fear every time.


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