Sewing the Soul


“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power”


At the Angel Workshop this past Thursday we were asked to meditate on this quote.

I asked the angels what this meant in my own life and they said “own your own power; don’t worry about controlling others or worry about another’s position and power, worry only about you and your own power.”

I asked for an image to go with this message and they showed me a sewing machine. They said that each of us is a project and what this lifetime is about is creating and perfecting that project. The means to create and perfect comes through understanding, validating and accepting our own power. It’s about our individuality and being true to ourselves.

Think about it, we’re sitting at the “sewing machine” each day with our feet on the pedal deciding what to create. If we were to draw out what our pattern looks like at this very point in time would it be a flat line of all the bad days we’ve had because we don’t have enough money, the right job or car, or the perfect mate?

Would it be a zig-zagged pattern with all the ups and downs in our lives?

If you looked at your life as a pattern what color would it be? Would it be rainbow or solid?

The fabric that is our life is colored and shaped by the way we view ourselves and the way we have owned or given away our power. Now I’m not speaking about false power like money, titles or looks, but rather authentic power, our true self!

Take a moment and draw out the pattern of your life, color it in…now think ahead what would you want it to look like? Set the intention, recognize that you are in control of who you are and who you wish to become.

When we set this intention we start realizing our worth and our power and when we view ourselves as the source of our happiness and our worth, then inevitably we are living in our light, in our true power.

The Seneca quote is all about changing ourselves, not changing others. If we think we need to change our partners or our children, we’re wrong. Our world is a reflection of how we see ourselves, and if we focus on ourselves, changing us, owning up to us, empowering ourselves, inevitably everything else will follow.

If my focus is to look over at the “seamstress” sitting next to me, to see how she is cutting her fabric, how she is sewing on her buttons I’m living from a place of fear and insecurity. The ONLY person I am responsible for is ME.

Let me repeat, you are ONLY responsible for you. You are not responsible for your children, your parents, your siblings. When you shift the power onto others you’re taking it away from yourself and you are not living in your authentic power nor are you helping anyone. When you switch the focus on to you, you begin a state of transformation. Instead of focusing on others and what you have to do for them or what they need from you, focus on yourself, they will get more out of your example than out of you doing for them. If you are busy noticing what others have and you want, you are taking away from yourself, instead focus on you, your pattern, how to improve it, how to change its shape, its fabric, its color and you will attract everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

Sewing machines stitch fabric together with thread, similarly we are stitched together by our emotions, experiences and behaviors, but we are not our past. We are this present moment. At this exact moment we can choose to change, acknowledge our self-worth, stand in our power and change the outcome of our lives.

The sewing machine needles and thread vary depending on the character of the material being sewn, this is no different than the character we are sewing daily for ourselves. When we realize our potential, our power and we step into it, we become strong, shine bright, become conscious and nothing can tear us apart!

The invention of the sewing machine coincided with the women’s movement. Its creation liberated women from housework. Sit down with yourself, draw out the pattern of your life and think about how you can liberate yourself from the added work you give yourself…worrying about your body, your wardrobe, the image you think society has of you, the job or income you should have, the car you should drive…these are all fears and suck the truth out of your life. These are covers for how you think about yourself. It’s really what you think about yourself that is debilitating and imprisoning. These thoughts are the lint littering your fabric, your true image. Liberate yourself and love yourself. Embrace your awesomeness!

The hardest work to do when working with fabric is crocheting, and delicate work like beading. Aren’t you a piece of art that deserves a delicate touch? Aren’t you the greatest handiwork being created day in and day out? Give yourself the time you deserve. Sit down for a moment today and map out what the patterns of your life look like. Is the masterpiece you’ve created up until now something you’re proud of? If not, own it, redraw it, start fresh.

First pick the piece of cloth you resemble. I am picking cashmere, it’s soft and beautiful, but it’s hard to care for and expensive. I have been hard to care for. I haven’t given myself the time I deserve, recognized my inner beauty at times and have been my own worst critic. Cashmere labels state “dry clean only”, but did you know that cashmere gets softer over time if you hand wash it? I used to send myself off to get “dry cleaned” (looked for others to support, encourage and motivate me) when the whole time I had the answer to my care, my needs, my self-worth. The answer was a little hand-washing, self-love.

Maybe you’re a collage of different fabrics, each representing the beautiful aspects of yourself. I say go to your local fabric store and pick fabric that resembles you. Map your personality, your dreams, your passion, your family, your goals and create out of this fabric the ideal you. Now cut the fabric, honor the success with bold, round pieces of the fabric and perhaps thinner slices will resemble what you consider failures. Maybe reds will resemble the number of lovers you’ve had, while green are the moments in life you’ve given to yourself, your soul, time with Mother Nature and the times you’ve meditated and prayed. Maybe you sprinkle black in the pattern to resemble the times at your darkest or neediest.

Once you’ve constructed your life map with this fabric, get out the sewing machine and start to piece them together. This masterpiece is you. You have just pieced together the WHOLE you. You are all aspects of this masterpiece. Now embrace each part of you and surrender.

When you sit trying to remember your ups and downs, think of the memories that you have of these events. Think about your darkest hours and how you came out on top. Celebrate those rough times by admiring how strong you are and how grateful you are to have learned the lessons of that event. Celebrate each moment that has occurred in your life, even the toughest ones. When you look back at the fabric and masterpiece you have created you will realize how blessed your life has been and how much YOU are worth celebrating.

Look back at this landscape of fabric when you’re thinking of how “lucky” someone else is, or when you didn’t get what you thought you wanted or when you looked for YOUR power outside of yourself.

Starting a new craft project can be tedious and scary, just like making changes in our life, but like the sewing project, our life is about the journey, trying new colors, ideas, taking risks and seeing how it turns out. If you don’t like what you’ve created until now, this is the time to change it. If you’ve been wearing hand me downs it’s time for an (internal) wardrobe make over. Grab the fabric that really resembles you, your confidence, your true power and reveal to the world (and yourself) that you know who you are and you’re not afraid to show it!



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