Pennies From Heaven

Yesterday when I opened my records I asked what is most important for me to know at this exact moment in my life and I heard my guides singing Pennies from Heaven by Frank Sinatra.

You’ll find your fortune falling all over the town, be sure that your umbrella is upside down!

We tend to have an umbrella arching over our heads limiting what we receive from above. I started thinking about the 8th chakra, which sits a few feet above the 7th chakra and above our heads in umbrella airspace.

The 8th chakra is our connection with the spirit world, with the non-material; it is the awareness that we are more than this world and is how we all connect to our guidance. The 8th chakra is the portal to higher dimensions and some say where our true soul is housed. It is our true fortune.

If we have a barrier up how are we to connect?

Instead the guides are saying, put down the barrier, and allow the guidance, the “pennies”, the showers of inspiration, intuition and assistance to come through the 8th chakra. We don’t even need to wait to have “showers” or dark times to receive guidance, anytime we ask they’re ready to give. Turn your umbrella upside down: put down your guard, close your eyes, relax and let your guidance take over…you’re guaranteed to have sunshine and flowers

If you want the things you love, you got to have showers…every time it rains, it’s gonna rain, pennies from heaven

They showed me an upside down umbrella and said, always be ready to receive. When you ask you will receive. They told me that no matter where or when they are always there for me, us, anyone who asks. When you turn your umbrella upside down you’re on the receiving end. We all want guidance, but often we forget to do the simplest thing, which is to ask.

We are all connected to a higher source. We are part of the Divine plan, we have Divine power, we are the Divine so instead of sitting at our desk wondering… what should I do? how will I get by this month? why am I in this horrible job?…stop blocking the space between the Divine and you…put your umbrella down, look up, start asking and start receiving. Ask for showers and you too will start receiving “pennies from heaven”.

We are our own limiting factor between guidance, our angels, our Source, the Divine. I asked my guides “What do we all need to know to get clear answers” and their response was simple, “just ask”. We are sitting here WAITING to be called on to provide the help that is our birthright.

We are all spiritual beings. When we incarnated into this body we weren’t left here alone. We are connected to the spiritual side of us, yet we weaken this cord, this relationship daily when we suffer alone or in silence. Often it takes a disease, a financial collapse, or a severe situation to be reminded that we have an army of help to get us through the toughest times.

If we remove the barriers between ourselves and our guidance and stop limiting the help we want and need, we’ll see that our umbrella is already filled with pennies from heaven …the answers, the guidance, the intuition, and the knowledge we already possess. Each cloud contains “pennies from heaven”…don’t wait for the next shower to remember your true essence, your amazing Spirit and how whole you already are.


One thought on “Pennies From Heaven

  1. We are good at ignoring the blessings that surround us, waiting for what we think is the perfect answer to our prayers. I must start turning my umbrella upside down! Thanks!

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