Make a Splash!

Last week I watched Life of Pi and was fascinated by the abundance of spiritual metaphors throughout the film. My guides recently gave me a message; “be like the whale in Life of Pi”…make a splash! So I ask, are you making a splash in your own life?

In one scene, Pi was sitting on a raft, tethered to the lifeboat occupied by Richard Parker in a peaceful, beautiful glowing body of water recovering from a storm. Suddenly a humpback whale came soaring from the depths of the ocean disrupting the sea and throwing Pi, and his supplies, from the raft. At first this appeared to be a harsh reminder that the boy could barely catch a break. However, this powerful force came and went in a flash, but Pi’s raft was gone forever. From this point forward, Pi would learn to share the boat with Richard Parker, the only other shipwreck survivor – a Bengal tiger.

You may at times feel as though you are drifting along in life and without notice a whale emerges from the depths to make a life changing splash. Did you know that you can invoke God, your angels, your higher self to actually bring you that splash, that change you’re longing for?

Close your eyes. Connect yourself up to your 8th chakra (above your head) and take a deep breath. As you exhale, call in your guardian angel and ask for something to change in your life. If you’re not sure what kind of change you’re seeking, just ask for your best option, your best path. Ask for a whale to come into your life to make something shift, to make something happen, to make a difference. We are the ones blocking amazing things from happening to ourselves, usually out of fear. It is easier to feel safe alone in a raft, just drifting on the comfort that we’ve found a way to avoid the tiger for another day. If we ask for a change in our life, a true CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, things will begin to happen, it may be scary, wet, messy and uncertain for a while, but like Pi you will flourish.

You will first discover what you’re made of, your true potential, you’ll stop relying on others for yourself worth and value because you will have discovered yourself. And know that when you invoke the angels and the guides and the spiritual support system you’ve been gifted with you will always arrive safely. Most people are afraid to ask for a change or a ripple in the safe lake they live in, because it’s scary, but when you receive a splash, grow and change, you are impacting others that also want to make a change. You’re allowing others to make changes and splashes in their own life.

Many years ago I had made a deal with myself that when I graduated from my PhD I would buy myself a boat. A few months before graduation, I realized that I didn’t know the first thing about driving or owning a boat, so I signed up for boating classes. It became one of the most amazing activities of my life, both physically and spiritually. I had an instructor who has become one of my dearest friends, we would go boating almost daily for hours; however, it came to a point that after several months one of the other instructors had to butt in and tell me, “If you don’t go out there on your own, you’re never going to get it.” He was right. For my next “lesson” he placed me with a different instructor and then set a date when I would sail alone. The first time I went out on my own it was a beautiful afternoon. I had my three children with me, and I was terrified. After a couple of hours I noticed it started to drizzle, I brought my anchor in, and prepared to head back. As I pulled away, a torrential downpour set in. I was scared (this was one tiger I didn’t know I was ready to face). We were freezing and pouring rain hurts! I was scared the boat would capsize and that my children would be in danger. Then I suddenly stopped and remembered that I knew these waters and I knew this boat. I had practiced for this moment for months. The kids were complaining and all I could do was remember that I had been prepared for this exact moment and that I would be okay.

I finally made it through the channel and into the slip. I docked like never before (I still have never docked so perfectly and it’s been years later) and one of the instructors was there waiting for me. I made it, I survived the storm on my first day out alone, I was safe!

I share this story because most of us want a change, want to grow, but when we ask for it, we ask on our own terms. The Universe sends us a sign or a feeling that it’s time to change but we ignore it. Sometimes something or someone in our lives forces us to change and then we think we are out there alone in uncharted waters unsure how to navigate life. The reality is that we have the information. We have guidance and we aren’t alone, we have the inner knowledge to navigate anything that comes our way. We know how to get home safely, changed, but safe.

If you want a change ask for it, ask for the whale in your life to come and make the splash you’re anxious for, your soul is longing for. Don’t be afraid to ask, embrace it and remember that you have your angels at each step of the way watching over you to make sure you make the tiger your bitch.

If you’re longing for a change, or scared to make a change, call on the whale. As an animal totem the whale travels in pods, so this will brings others to you that are going through similar things or who are also inviting change. Call the whale energy close if you’re currently facing a frightening situation, the whale in many stories (Derceto, Jonah, Finding Nemo) swallows you, but then brings you to safety once you’ve gone deep internally and undergone healing.

The funny thing about whales is that they are known as gentle giants. Their personalities are quite shy and timid. Keep this in mind when you’re facing a whale of a problem or wanting a change in life.

Whales are known for teaching and learning, and grieving.  Remember when a whale enters your life, you will grieve, learn the lesson, and then become the teacher.

Here’s to happy splashing!

PS. On a side note, I am a Pisces and born on Pi day (3.14) 🙂


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