Are you Swimming Safely?

Are you swimming safely? I gave a reading this past weekend and the guides told my client she was limiting herself to the safety of a swimming pool. They told her it was time to stop playing it safe and take a leap into the ocean.

The pool represents our familiar surroundings – our neighborhoods, our friends, our favorite restaurants. We don’t have to do too much when we are within the boundaries of our safe swimming pool. But think about the limiting nature of a swimming pool. It’s setup between four concrete walls and it’s completely transparent leaving little room for flexibility or excitement. On the other hand, the ocean represents a world of unknowns. You may find yourself swimming alongside a starfish, a whale or a shark. These are chances we have to take. Breathtaking experiences sometimes require us to muster just enough fearlessness to jump in. If you stay within the confines of your swimming pool you’re limiting your experiences and growth. You can only swim from one end to the other and only go as deep as the hole was dug. When you’re in the ocean, you have endless possibilities, and when you confront your fears you can really grow.


With this particular client, her second chakra was closed. The second chakra corresponds to birthing new ideas and creativity. How can you birth anything when you’re playing it safe? The second chakra relates to financial security. Are you staying in a relationship or a job for fear of losing a “sure thing”? If so, you’re swimming back and forth in your swimming pool, going nowhere! Are you scared of starting a new business, or going back to school? If so, you’re still swimming with floaties like when you were a child. Take them off and jump in! Are you being weighed down by a pool full of toxic chlorine by staying in a place that you’ve outgrown? Pack up your things and head East, I guarantee that the ocean waves, sand and breeze will lead you into a new exciting life. Hold your nose when you jump in and let the waves sweep you away to exciting new experiences you’ve never thought possible.

Have an exciting day!




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