Picking up the Pieces


The Big Bang theory has been on my mind lately. Everyone is familiar with this theory and how it explains the development of the Universe. In its simplest form, the Universe was initiated by an unfathomably swift and immense explosion. Following the famous eruption of energy, tiny loose particles floated freely for hundreds of thousands of years until slowly, they began to gravitationally attract and eventually formed the stars and galaxies that populate our universe today.

According to the Kabbalistic creation story, in the beginning there was only God – an all-encompassing light. When God decided to create, he condensed all of his light and energy into a single point and then in a divine explosion sent it infinitely in all directions. Next, God created vessels but the Divine Light was so powerful it shattered them. The shards of these shattered vessels descended into the material world and became souls and objects in the world.

I started thinking about how every single one of us begins with a Big Bang. Think about it, you go along life and what you’re basically doing is attracting other loose particles and threading them into your life. People come into your life for no reason, others leave; situations, places everything seems random. You think you’re playing a role in what is happening, but the reality is that you’re here to recreate what was broken when you were birthed. So is the birth canal the equivalent of the Big Bang? Of God’s vessel of light? When you are born, leaving your perfect bubble (spirit world) you are blasted into fragments and your role on Earth school is to pick up the pieces.


I was told many years ago in an astrology reading that Pisces were very spiritual but often felt emptiness inside of them (and we all have Pisces on our chart!).  How can we fill this hole? People, places, things? No, we are missing the key piece which is the reencounter with our spiritual selves. Only by having these experiences and meeting people can we realize that looking inwards is the key to unlocking the mystery.

The hole you feel, regardless of what sign you are, will only be filled by gathering all the fragments. Every time you learn a lesson, have an experience, feel pain, serve others, you are rebuilding that “vessel” and bringing more light into your life, ironically it’s the darkest hours that are often filled with the most light…but the key piece is being reunited with your spiritual self. Your true self!

No matter what your spiritual, religious, scientific belief, no one can argue that each time you meet someone or have an experience you are reconstructing the jigsaw puzzle that is your life. Plot out things in your life and you will see how all events are connected.

When we were born, each of us was a “big bang”. We changed our family’s life and with that birth, explosion, our soul split into pieces and spread all over Earth. Our journey in this lifetime is to meet people, have experiences in which we collect those pieces of ourselves once again. Ever wonder why you had to endure a horrible relationship? It was to earn that piece of yourself back. Every single one of our relationships, travels, experiences puts the puzzle of our life back together.

In astrology, the Pisces sign represents two fish going in separate directions, one towards earth and the other towards heaven. We all have Pisces somewhere in our chart and it’s this longing for completeness, for having both fish swimming in the same direction, that we are on this Earth to achieve. In our astrological chart we have every planet and every sign. We are meant to go through the experience of being the dreamer, the warrior, the leader, somewhere in our lives. It is only when we complete this cycle that we become complete. When we learn from each one of these planets, or energies, we then understand others and our fragmented self becomes whole.

So like a puzzle, when you meet someone appreciate that they are contributing to that missing part of your puzzle and that with each new experience you’re one step closer to wholeness. When we embrace all people and all things that enter our lives, no matter how horrendous, we see how we are simply reconstructing the vessel of light that we are. Don’t turn it into darkness by holding grudges, holding anger or resentment. You’ll just have to continue reliving that energy over and over again (maybe with another person, but the same plot) until you turn it into light.




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