Meditation Camp: Day Three

Meditation Camp: Day Three

After our opening prayer it was time for another quiz. The ego was on high today because everyone wanted to win and choose where we would eat lunch. It was a great opportunity to discuss ego and how it manifests. The quiz two questions are below along with some of their answers.

Describe these universal laws:
1. Cause and Effect: If you or someone does something bad or good it will be done to you equally in another form; can happen in another life or this life
2. Law of Vibration: Negativity and insults are low vibration, compliments, laughing and positive thoughts are high vibration; Singing is high vibration and yelling is low vibration
3. Free Will: The power you have in yourself to do what you will; you have the power to do or not do anything
4. Law of Magnetic Attraction: What you put into the universe is what you get back
5. Law of Oneness: We are all one

6. True or False: We are victims of everything that happens. FALSE

BONUS: Draw a picture showing the law of oneness. Who is in the center of the picture? SOURCE is in the middle and we are the spokes that derive from that center. We are all source.

We jumped to an early morning meditation outside. We live in a beautiful place with a symphony of birds consistently chirping. Meditating outside is pleasant and peaceful. We sat and just took in the sounds of nature. Those few moments of peace and silence give so much energy to the physical and spiritual body. When we finished, we watered our house plants and the sunflower seeds we planted on day one. I had the kids talk to the plants and the seeds. Research shows that speaking to flowers and plants makes them grow stronger and healthier. If these positive vibrations and kind words can strengthen a flower, the possibilities are endless.

The lecture for Day Three was quite lengthy and I imagined we would not get through it all. It’s probably enough content for Days 3-6 so the whiteboard will stay put until we cover all of it. We started with the concept of “presence” and with the Law of Gender and Duality.
Presence is probably the key, and if we could master this concept we would eliminate many of our problems. I explained to the kids that the ego lives in the mind and the mind only reminds us of what we used to have or be and/or what we don’t have or what we want. If only I….this is ego and the opposite of presence.

When we notice our self-criticism, for instance I am having a bad hair day, it’s because we are simply comparing to a day in the PAST when we had a good hair day. If we live in the moment, in the present, we are always fulfilled and we always have enough and exactly what we need. We went out to lunch later that day and I made a comment about the past and my son said “you’re showing ego now mom, live in the present”. I couldn’t help but smile. I love when the kids use my own teachings on me. 

The next part of the lesson was the Law of Gender. The perfect visual for this is the Yin Yang symbol which clearly manifests that the male part (yang) has a speck of yin. And the Yin part (female) has a speck of yang. We are combined of both. Everything has male and female energy, even each of them. It was important to teach the kids how the world used to be ruled by the feminine energy. I used the Egyptian mythology of Isis and Set. I simplified it as follows:

Isis, the Egyptian goddess, was considered the first daughter of the Earth and the Sky. Her husband Osiris was killed by his brother Set. (Sound like the Lion King much?) 

One version was that Isis forgave Set and that this forgiveness was viewed as weakness which was the beginning of the loss of the feminine power. There are several myths of course showing that matriarchal society was the norm. I used this because it was simple enough to teach and get the message across. If we view forgiveness as weak and war and fighting as strong, the result is the world in which we live. The true strength and power lies in our fourth chakra, in forgiveness. This planted the seed for Hopoponopono which was on the day’s agenda (but we did not get to yet). They loved the word so much that they have been repeating it for days now..wait till they find out what it’s about! LOL

It was time for lunch with some family so we wrapped up early after a meditation and some physical and mental exercises. We closed with our prayer circle and cut the energy. We went to lunch the kids made multiple references to lessons from Meditation Camp. Again, my heart smiled. We will be on vacation so Meditation Camp will be on hold until we get back, but I will find a way to keep the lessons alive while we are away.


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