Meditation Camp: Day Two

Meditation Camp: Day Two

We started day two opening with a prayer circle and then we followed up with a quiz. The quizzes are short essay so I was quite interested in seeing what the kids had learned a few days earlier. These are the questions that were on the quiz.

1. Why meditate? We meditate to find inner peace and to separate mind from soul.
2. What is monkey mind? Monkey mind is jumping from one thought to the other; ego
3. What is ego? Ego is the mistaken thoughts of our perfect soul
4. What is spirit? Spirit is what we travel as from lifetime to lifetime
5. What are the chakras? Sections of our soul; Energy sections in our body
6. What are thoughts? Negative and positive ideas and emotions; thoughts are prayers
7. What is our purpose on Earth? To learn from our mistakes until there are none left and your soul has learned everything it needs to learn; to right wrongs
8. Bonus question: Name one chakra and its color
The scores were remarkable. The answers were professional. What amazing students! These answers were some of their responses.

On Day Two we discussed universal laws like cause and effect, law of vibration, free will, magnetic attraction, and oneness.

Anyone who knows me knows that I live by the letters TPR. This has been engrained into my children since birth! TPR means Take Personal Responsibility. We are not victims of circumstance. We have a universal law of cause and effect, or karma, and what happens is a perfect result of something we have previously done. It’s not bad or good, it just is. When we learn that everything that is happening to us is a direct result of our actions, we can learn to live happier and healthier lives. We stop wishing for something different and we stop reneging when something doesn’t go our way. When discussing the Law of Oneness we discussed how we are all one. What we do to ourselves we are doing to others and vice versa. For example, the internet is just a physical manifestation of what has existed forever, a spiritual network connecting us all. So one of the kids said “we aren’t all connected to the website when we go online” and I explained (whether we know it or not) we are all connected to or the reality is that we are connected and from this one source we are extensions. I like the picture of a bicycle wheel. The source is the center and we are the spokes.

The Law of Vibration was a home run! Everything has a vibration but it’s difficult to explain, so I used imagery. Use a ladder as an image and the closer you are to Earth, the lower your vibration. Likewise, closer to “heaven” is a higher vibration. Things that raise your spirits, get you higher to the Spirit realm or connect you to higher chakras or higher vibration. I never thought of how to explain these laws, but when teaching kids you have no choice but to put them in simpler terms so they can understand it; however, if we could all think in simpler terms, we really do know and understand these laws simply. It’s like the popular book “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten”. Didn’t we learn all of these things without these fancy words or laws? Yes, but then we grow and live and forget the simplest but truest essence of life.

Free will is a biggie in my house and my life. We are responsible for our own actions and we have a choice in every moment. When my kids fight they say “he made me” and I have repeatedly responded “no one can make you do anything”. It’s important that they take personal responsibility and they know that they made a choice. At every moment, every instance, we are making our own choices. The belief that anyone can make you do anything is a lie. You, and only you, are responsible for the decisions you make and as a result you’re not a victim of anything and you can change anything, any circumstance in a second!

We did an outdoor meditation on the grass and it was lovely. The birds were chirping and the breeze was refreshing. These 10 minutes of stillness outside were remarkably uplifting. Funny thing was that each of the kids asked if we could do another outdoor meditation. We are meant to be outdoors. We are meant to be still. We are meant to be connected with the Source.

The child who got the highest score on the quiz got to pick the place we had lunch. We went to Panera bread and I brought an astrology book to teach about their sun sign and the myth they had to live out. Each one of us has a sun sign. We aren’t our sun sign like in a horoscope; however, if we know the symbolism or archetype we are living in this lifetime, we can understand the lessons that will come our way. My children are Leo and Libra. Leo is the “sun” so it is likely that a Leo will be the center of attention and a leader; however, when the attention is ego-based and the leadership becomes dictatorship there is the shadow side of that archetype or sign. There’s a lesson for any parent of a Leo. Make sure to keep your child’s ego in check and they understand that we are all equals. Kids didn’t come with a manual (although I beg to differ because that is exactly what an astrology chart is!) but knowing a few key points about your child’s sun sign can give you a framework in which to start your parenting. My other child is a Libra. Love and relationships are central in a Libra’s life. They will learn lessons from these relationships. Understanding that the lessons are the reasons these relationships exist, rather than taking anything personal based on what happens, is key.

Lunch was over and it was time to head home and close the circle. We sat in our circle and said a closing prayer thanking the spirit guides, angels and teachers that were present at Meditation Camp. Then we each shared what we’d learned. It’s funny to hear the lessons the kids learned. My heart smiles each time they share. We close the session by breaking the energy and clapping hands in unison. When conducting spiritual activities you want to make sure that everyone keeps their own energy and doesn’t take someone else’s energy with them. This is part of the problem with healers, counselors, nurses etc…they do not know how to cut the energy from their client or patient.


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