Spiritual Independence Day!

Spiritual Independence Day!

When we bought our new house the previous owner asked us to feed the cat that came around each day. I wondered why she didn’t take the cat. She had taken her two dogs with her.

Anyways…She had left some catnip in the garden and I thought nothing of it. I was never a cat person and I surely wasn’t going to go out of my way to feed the cat, but if I saw him I figured I could give him some catnip and move on.

Well we moved in and I rarely saw the cat. One day he came by and seemed really skinny and sick. I didn’t have any cat food so I gave him catnip and he seemed to devour the stuff. (If you’re a cat lover I am sorry I did not know what I was doing at this point!!)

Sporadically he started coming by so I purchased cat food and I figured I would feed him as I saw him. This began a routine and he would come by at 6am and at 6pm. As the weeks passed I started looking forward to seeing him and although I had named him Oreo because of his black and white face, I would get excited when he’d come in the morning and I’d emphatically say Puppy’s Home. Each time I went to feed him he would run away. I started getting a bit sad because here I was happy to see him and he just wanted food. Time passed and I accepted that it would take a while before he grew comfortable enough to come close.

We continued with the feeding pattern for about 2.5 months and then it was time for us to go on vacation. I was wondering who would feed puppy, what would he do while we were gone. Would he ever come back?

While I was away I thought about him I knew there was a lesson to be learned from this cat. He comes by for his food, yet he doesn’t get attached to the hand that feeds him.

I think one of the reasons I was never a cat lover was because they seemed so detached. When we got back from vacation Puppy wasn’t around for a day or two, but by day three he was back. His cute little face showed up and waited for his food.

Again, I fed him and we started our routine. I could not help but wonder what the lesson was he was trying to teach me.

I started to pray about it and the message I received was that Puppy was the lesson we all need to learn. In all spiritual texts the goal for each of us is to detach from form. The ego thrives on making you feel safe through form. Anything we desire or are attached to is simply the ego. Our spirit, our true essence, doesn’t have a form; it’s just love and oneness.

Puppy is a living example, a true guru, teaching us all exactly how we should be. We need love, family, friends, a job and a car, but it isn’t who we are. If the food was gone for a week, Puppy waited and knew more would come, and it did. We need to have as much faith as Puppy has. We need to be detached from what we have or think we need and have faith that what we need will be provided, because Spirit has everything it needs, always.

Yesterday when I got home I saw a plastic bag in the front of the house. When I opened it was cat food the previous owner found and dropped off with a note: (see picture)

Let’s all be free. If we keep ourselves spiritually fed, all else will come.

Happy Independence Day!


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