Happily Ever After

This week has been one of fairy tales. It started with a client who has six planets in Leo. That’s a lot of lion and a lot of fire. Surprisingly, the guides likened her current behavior to that of Simba in the Lion King when he ran off to the jungle to “play it safe” with Timon and Pumba. The guides told her it was time to own her power and let her inner lioness roar. As I was leaving her house she led me into the living room where she a huge poster of a lion was hanging on the wall. I told her take that image and plant it all along her path to remind her of the message – it’s her time to lunge at life, pounce on opportunities, and concede to the lioness within.

Another client this week was told that she was living the story of Snow White. In this fairy tale the princess lives with an evil stepmother who wants her dead. Snow White innocently spends her days playing in her garden with her birds, unaware of the huntsman’s famous orders to bring the witch the princess’s heart. My client’s life was similarly entangled in the web of a manipulative jealous mother-in-law for many years. The guides explained that her ex-husband was in fact the huntsman, although he couldn’t protect her because his mom was in the middle, he did indeed save her when he let her go.

Earlier in the week a Virgo client was given the story of Cinderella. All of our astrological signs represent a mythology, and Walt Disney was a mastermind at taking old time stories and creating them into feature films. Cinderella is the story of Virgo. Virgo is considered the mule of the zodiac. He rules the 6th house which is the house of work and service. If you know many Virgos, you can see this to be true. The funny thing with Virgos is that they each have a piece of Cinderella living within. They’re the princess cleaning their own castle. Their goal in this life is to realize their royal essence. It’s difficult for them because of their intense need to work and serve, often failing to look up to absorb the glory that surrounds them. This particular client was given Cinderella as HW to watch so that he could see who he truly is.

This brings me to my personal favorite, there is a scene where Aladdin is chained and thrown to the bottom of the ocean. The genie finds him unconscious and unable to save himself. In a gravity defying act, the genie manages to proxy a wish a save the boy. That’s my life in a nutshell. No matter what, I’ve had a guardian angel extricating me from dangerous impossible situations.

Walt Disney stories are rooted in mythology and archetypes that we all have. He learned how to take these stories that are representative of our own lives and bring them to the public. Go rewatch these movies and see which one resonates with you.

I liked The Little Mermaid for many years. This story went on to represent a temporary period of my life. No matter what experience we go through, it can be found in a myth or fairy tale. See which ones resonate with you.

Remember our story is still in the telling. We get to choose what our happily ever after will be.

As I was writing this the guides told me to remind you that in each of these stories the protagonist is always assisted by animals. Cinderella has the mice and birds, Snow White has the deer, birds, squirrels and of course the dwarfs and Aladdin has the genie and his monkey Abu. These animals are represented as God. When these characters are at their worst they are never alone, God is always there (in some form or another) to help you out of whatever you’re going through and actually leads you to the happy ending.

Take some time this weekend to rent some Disney classics or at least brush up on the gist of the story, pick which fairytale you’re living and write the ending as Happily Ever After. If you’re in the darkest hour right now, look up and around, God is surrounding you, helping you and walking you through the dark woods guiding you to your prince Charming…you just may not have noticed.


One thought on “Happily Ever After

  1. How funny you should write this – I am currently working with a nursing theorist who has used ‘myth’ to address the concept of facing a health challenge. There is another nursing theorist who uses fairy tales to help women who have been abused. Sometimes seeing your story as a fairy tale helps you to detach from the emotions and see your way out (his name is William Crowley if you want to read more).

    Very interesting!


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