When I was a kid my father would take us through the car wash. It was exciting and scary all at once. I would always double check the windows to make sure they were up and I would cross my fingers for added protection. When the brushes started moving the car around I always wondered if one day the windows would break and we’d drown because of the influx of water. It wasn’t until I started to feel the car begin to drift forward that I would get relief. Despite repeated successful visits, I would feel nervous each time.

During a reading last week a client asked if she would be okay. The guides showed her a picture of a car wash. They explained that up until that moment her life was like the car wash. Full of uncertainty, feeling pushed around not sure that she would come out okay; however, they reassured her like when the car gets out of the car wash it is always clean and the sun is always shining. That was what she could expect for her next 40 years.

The car wash is a good example of what has become known as the Dark Night of the Soul or a spiritual crisis. Saint John of the Cross wrote this poem representing the dark night as the hardships and difficulties the soul goes through so it can become detached from the world and reach a divine union with God.

Life is all about cycles and most of us have endured a dark night or a “car wash” at least once. Maybe you’re going through it now. Realize that the symbolism of the car wash represents a spiritual cleansing. When you’re in the car wash you need to stop the car. Something else takes over. It is similar when you’re in a crisis. The point is to surrender, let God drive, he knows where you need to go. The symbolism of the water cannot be ignored. The water represents the emotions that come along with the car wash, the crying and the uncertainty if you’ll survive the event.

In the past, many picky car owners disliked the car wash because they were afraid of damaging the finish on the car. Many times we refuse a spiritual lesson because of what we want to portray on the outside, we don’t want to damage our own finish; however, in every car wash there is a protective paint sealant. Know that God isn’t going to damage you, just improve upon your raw materials.

The best thing about the car wash is the end result. Although the experience is tumultuous (and there is an actual fear of car washes called Amaxohydraclaustrophobia) you always come out to sunshine, on top, better than you were before. Know that no one ever goes through the ringer without a better product as a result.

Remember the car crisis in 2011? Detroit was practically extinct. Just this week the Chevy Impala was voted the luxury car of the year. As a result of the near-death experience, the Big 3 had to endure an internal car wash to re-emerge with newer models and better products. Trust that when God gives you an internal car wash it is simply so the best version of you can emerge, with a cleaner, shinier protected coat.


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