The Golden Hand

The Golden Hand

I have written previously about my morning sadhanas: yoga, meditation, chanting, gardening…my sacred time and anything to get connected with Source, Mother Earth and my higher self. However, the past two weeks started a new cycle. I have taken on a lot more teaching responsibilities, extra work in addition to my already busy schedule and since launching my website the referrals and requests for readings have skyrocketed. I have a waiting list for readings!

All this change is exciting and good; however, it has been forcing me to wake up earlier than I normally do and because I’ve been more tired than usual my meditation has become a bit shorter so I can get everything in! Sometimes I skip some things because of exhaustion or lack of time. Does this sound like you?

Many clients tell me that they have so much to do that they can’t sit still for meditation or don’t have the few minutes in the day to complete a meditation. Even when they try, all they do is think about what they have to get done, what’s bothering them or what they won’t get to.

We all know the point of meditation is to quiet the mind, and I personally find it the most important part of my day, but if it’s not going to quiet your mind, should you spend time doing it?

I asked my guides this morning this question and they showed me THE GOLDEN HAND. The guides said that even just sitting in meditation is a good start. If you’re unable to quiet your mind because of things you have pending or processing, to use the time in meditation to bring up those thoughts and place them in God’s golden hand. They explained that this is a good way to learn that God keeps all of your worries and concerns for you. Hand them over to him during this quiet time and watch how much easier your day unfolds.

The guides say it’s just another reminder of how we are always being carried. Even with monkey mind during meditation, fears about what lies ahead or grief about what someone thinks about us, we are being lifted and taken care of.

I needed this message today. With my new schedule I felt as if I was demonstrating to God and my spirit guides that they were secondary in my life, and nothing could be further from the truth. This message confirmed that they always understand and always lend a hand (a golden hand) to get us through what we are going through.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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