My Ultimatum to God!

My Ultimatum to God!

When I pray, I give God an ultimatum. My husband doesn’t believe me, but it is true. Several months ago I was given an app idea from my spirit guides and time passed and I couldn’t find the app developer so I basically told God that if he gave me the idea he better supply me with the people/materials I needed to see it through. I gave him a deadline of June 29th and on that same day I found the app developer.

Every time I need something I basically tell God “this is what I need and get on it” and within days, weeks or months depending on how much time I give him, of course, he gets it done. He’s the best employee I’ve ever had! 

Here’s my secret: I have a God box and when I am worried about something or need something I write down my concern, worries, stress, or desires on a piece of paper and I date it. I then put it in my God box and wait 40 days. After 40 days whatever I wanted or needed has been resolved.

The key to ultimatums with God is that you cannot think, talk, worry or stress about what you have written down. You need to give utter and complete surrender when you write down your concerns or wishes. Set an alarm on your phone for 40 days and then visit your God box and you will have the clear answer to the issue.

The key to this is surrender. When you completely surrender to God you are letting him handle it. The reality is that everything is already handled, what you’re allowing is for things to happen as they must without the added stress, worry, frustration, complaining etc…to get out of your own way!

This is now my sadhana (regular practice) as needed. I basically hand everything over to the God box and watch how it unfolds. There are times that I just release it to God during meditation in the morning and by the evening I already have my answer. Sometimes it takes a few days or a few weeks, but it has never gone past the 40 days.

So try this right now. Tell God you have an ultimatum for him and see what happens in 40 days, trust me you will be amazed!


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