I was in meditation this morning trying to process some of my crap that had happened earlier in the week. My spirit guides suddenly showed me a mortar and pestle. When I see this symbol during a reading it usually means transformation and change for the person receiving the reading. I was grateful for the symbol as it gave me hope that I was letting go of the stuff I had been holding onto.

When I get symbols from my guides I am always curious what the symbolism refers to. When this symbol was first introduced I realized several things, First, when you use a mortar and pestle YOU’RE IN CONTROL of what you’re grinding. If there is something you want changed or you’re processing you have the answers because you’re creating the issue. It’s powerful when we can take personal responsibility and know we are creating the issues in our own life, it’s even more empowering knowing we also have the solutions to those things.

The mortar and pestle also has other symbology. Think of the surface of the mortar, it has a small capacity to grind. This indicates that when you’re tackling your own issues, take them in small steps. Tackle one thing at a time. Work through one issue and once that’s resolved then work on the next and so forth.

In the kitchen you can take a short cut and use a food processor to grind herbs and spices; however, when working on your spiritual self, there are no shortcuts. True chefs will tell you that the use of a mortar and pestle is slow, but the flavors released are like none other. Don’t you deserve to slow down, take time to experience the true essence hidden within, releasing your true flavor?

Think of the use of the mortar, it pulverizes the herbs that you place in it. Through this action it releases the real properties of the plant, the true essence of the herb. My guides state that if we want to get to the truth of who we really are, the light that resides within, we need to pulverize all of the garbage polluting our lives. They say to take a piece of paper, write down whatever issues you’re having, wrap it around a sage leaf and actually crush that part of yourself with the pestle. Do this with each issue individually so they can be worked on independently and as mentioned above, in small portions.

We are all works in progress. The mortar and pestle are symbols of transformation. Allow the outer covering of who you pretend to be to be released into the true essence you are.


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