And the highest bidder is…..

And the highest bidder is.....

The 59 carat Pink Star diamond was sold last week at auction for 76.3 million Swiss francs, making history as the most expensive diamond ever sold. I heard an interview on NPR with a top gemologist who explained that this rock was found in 1999 and took more than seven years to refine its cut to perfection. He went on to say that even with his experience he wasn’t qualified to cut this stone. Only a few people in the world could shape a diamond this rare.

In meditation the next morning, my guides explained that this is exactly how our story unfolds. We are all diamonds-in-the-rough. We aren’t shaped to size or cut with perfect edges; however, within the stone is the flawless gem. Our unique life experiences and spiritual journey sculpt our edges and carve us in ways that send brilliant white light reflecting in every direction off our surfaces.

They went on to say that only our relationship with the Divine can extract the perfect diamond from inside our raw beginnings. Many people may come and go in our lives and may add dimensions to our shine, but it’s only the relationship we create with God that truly polishes us into the diamonds we are.

The guides said that 76.3 million is chump change, we are worth far more and God is always our highest bidder!


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