Nourishing your Spirit

Nourishing your Spirit

In Ayurvedic medicine there is a practice called abhyanga, or, self oil massage. It is something I enjoy doing each morning before I shower. In this practice, you use your preferred oil (I use my home made warmed sesame oil infused with essential oils) to massage every part of your body. In Sanskrit, the word snigdha is oil, but also means love, so as I massage I thank my body parts for working and infuse my body with love as I engage in my oiling practice. When you’re done with the massage, you shower, but the oil and the love you put on your body remains.

One morning while transfixed by the joy of this practice my spirit guides told me that it holds a symbolic level beyond its Ayurvedic purpose.

A body covered in oil easily allows things to slide right off. It’s a protective guard against the words and actions of others. Having a short temper myself, this is something I’ve worked on my whole life. There are times I’m successful and others, not so much; however, since I have this physical reminder on my skin it has made it easier.

A Course in Miracles mentions when you defend yourself you feel attacked. In your defense you think there is safety, but really it is just fear. All this is is our ego. Our true spirit doesn’t need defending.

I try to remember this when I want to snap (which is way too often LOL), as it’s pure ego acting, so the act of oiling my body lets me connect with my spirit and I wash the ego away.
The physical health benefits of abhyanga are noted in the spiritual scriptures of the Vedas, but knowing that the words and actions of others can slide right off me has an equally nourishing spiritual benefit as well.


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