Understanding the Cycles of our Life

Understanding the Cycles of our Life

I always say I was a tree in another life. Even though I live in Florida I experience the seasons internally. Many of us travel to the snow in winter and must see the colors of the autumn leaves, so if it is easy for us to accept and get excited about nature’s cycles, why do we have such difficulty with our own?

Everything in this universe is made up of five elements – fire, earth, air, water, and ether. In Sanskrit they’re called bhutas, in the astrological chart they define our personality, and together in condensed form they comprise our physical bodies. If we keep this construct in mind we can easily agree that we are a product of nature – which is where cycles are the most visible. The sun rises and sets, the tide comes in and goes back out, the moon’s position changes every couple of days, and the climate fluctuates throughout the seasons. The trees undress at the end of each year to make way for a new wardrobe, and in subtler fashion our cells replenish every 100 days to give us a new body.

If the trees get a big makeover each year, why can’t you? If you cannot start with something drastic at least get a new nail color, something bold and daring – or even a second piercing, a tattoo, or a new hairdo.

In my astrology practice, I work with planetary cycles which dictate what is coming and what has ended. When cycles end it is simply nature’s way of making room for the new. We go through three major cycles Saturn (structure, structure, structure), Uranus (surprise and sudden changes – letting go of old structures which are restricting your possibilities), and Chiron (who asks “how is your greatest weakness also your greatest strength?”), but cycles end and begin anew daily, monthly and yearly.

I had a client the other day whose life, the spirit guides explained, was like Humpty Dumpty. She had lost everything – her job, child, money, marriage, and stability. She felt as though she would never get back on her feet again; however, from that mess she created a new profession for herself and it was through that destruction – the ending of all of those cycles – that she was permitted to start this new phase of her life. She is still struggling with some of the loss, but for the first time ever, she has begun to be honest with herself and truly embrace the new cycle that’s underway. Some of us are hit harder when cycles end, but we all go through it.

Each of us can remember a time when everything seemed to be ending and we were scared. What’s to come? What’s next? How will I bounce back? We suffer when this happens because simply, we lack faith.

Remember this is nature’s way of spring cleaning your life. She is shedding one season to make way for the next. If we really understood our true nature, if we really understood how divine we are, we would know that we’re always provided for and the best is yet to come!


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