Your #1 Fan!

Your #1 Fan!

I was giving a reading a few weeks ago and the guides told the client to get herself a hand-held fan. They told her to use the fan when she felt vulnerable spiritually or when she felt a negative energy or negative vibrations getting close.

Today my guides brought up the symbolism of the fan once again. At my mother-in-law’s house I noticed a collapsed fan in her bathroom and they mentioned that a closed fan is symbolic of how we need to shut down and give time to ourselves. A good way to shut down from the outside world is via meditation, prayer a self-massage or reading a good book. We don’t always have to be occupied by producing, giving or doing something. The symbolism of the collapsed fan represents importance of curling up with yourself and looking inward.

Another symbolic significance of the fan is the negative energy the spirit guides brush away from each of us. I was once told by a spirit guide “It’s not what we give you that is important, but rather what we take away”. The fan is a physical reminder of the spiritual debris the guides clear from our path.

In grain farming, fanning is a practice used to remove the chaff from grain. The fan is used to separate the nutrient from its inedible covering, the vital from the nonessential. The grain is the usable, nourishing piece and resembles what our angels and guides extract from us. As we go through life they remove the parts of us that are no longer necessary. We are fine-tuned as we discover the depths of ourselves. The more we discover, the more there is to discover. The fanning process our guides help with allows for further self-discovery.

Another symbol the fan represents is the moon and its changing faces. As the fan and the moon (our interior/spiritual life) fluctuates, so do we. This demonstrates the ebb and flow of our spiritual growth.

The fan is comprised of different blades, each one representing a facet of ourselves. The blades are representative how we open and grow as the fan opens and unfolds. It shows how our own path unfolds, sometimes there are breaks, sometimes gaps and sometimes it is smooth sailing; each of these steps of life (of our fan) leads us to our purpose and who ultimately we will become.

As we embark on this holiday season and you begin shopping, stop into a store and buy yourself a fan. Keep it with you and as you encounter angry mobs at the shopping mall, take out the fan and remember the bigger picture and purpose of your life.

Lastly, think about being a fan of something or someone, the word itself means to be your biggest supporter. Your spirit guides are your biggest supporter! When you’re feeling stuck, take out your fan and call on your spirit guides, take a deep breath and see how things open up and unfold.


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