The Birthing Process



We are constantly in a state of change. Today during my prayer I asked for guidance on some changes I need help with. During my meditation, I received the answer. Here is something we can all do!

Go online and download a picture of a sonogram. The symbolism of the sonogram represents the growth and birth of something new. If you have a personal goal, an internal change you desire or a new business or career goal in mind, you can use this technique to achieve it. You can actually use this technique if you desire a child and have had trouble conceiving.

Once you have the picture printed, name the new baby. This is your baby so name it whatever you want. Next, on the actual sonogram photo list all of the attributes you want in your new child. For example, if you are looking to lose weight start listing the attributes of how your new body looks. If you want a new job, write out all of the characteristics that the new job has. Do not hold back! Remember this technique can be used for anything. If you want to work on two things at once, print a picture of a sonogram of twins.

As you are writing all of the attributes you are penetrating that energy into this newly forming child that will soon birth itself into exactly what you’re asking for. Make sure to write everything in the positive and in the present tense. The baby is already formed, all you’re asking is for it to come into fruition with the qualities it already has.

Now you cannot toss the photo aside and forget about it, you need to nurture it. Light a candle, burn some incense, sing it a song…do something to continue the growth of your newest creation. The guides didn’t tell me how long it would take, and each child grows at different rates, however, if you nurture the child and remind it how much you love and are looking forward to meeting it, you’re soon to see exactly what you asked for become a reality.


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