One question that will change your life!

ImageWhen I do chakra cleanings the most common chakra that is stuck or blocked is the third chakra. The third chakra represents our self-worth, self-esteem and empowerment. The color of the chakra is yellow and is located in the solar plexus, where our bellybutton is. Most of my female clients have issues with saying no, putting themselves first and self-esteem, so, inevitably many messages come through about increasing self-esteem.

My client this morning received a message that she needed to start slow in making her changes. She suffered from the pleasing syndrome and she needed to start saying no. First the guides explained that when she says yes in situations that she really means no, she is bringing negative energy into the situation.  So when she says yes to lending a hand but doesn’t really mean it, she is actually hurting the person because the vibration is a negative one. So when you think you’re helping out, but you’re heart isn’t into it, remember that you’re actually hurting and the true way to help out is by saying no.

Last week I was waiting for a client and before the reading the guides told me to lay outside on the grass and get some sun. I didn’t know why, but I did it anyway. When the client arrived she needed work on her 3rd chakra and the guides explained that this was the reason they sent me out to the sun. The sun is the main source of energy and is the symbol of self-esteem. The sun heats all of us, but it doesn’t forget itself while it’s taking care of others. When you’re feeling weak, guilty, or easily suckered, go outside and pull the sun into your third chakra. Just a few minutes under this powerful star will give you the boost you need to feel empowered!

Another client said her life had changed after her Akashic records reading. This person suffered from the yes disease as well. She said yes to everyone and everything which left her with so little time for herself. With one homework assignment the guides changed her life. The guides had told her to ask herself one question whenever she was going to make a decision. “Does this contribute to my self-esteem? If it doesn’t, then she would opt not to do it, on the other hand, if the answer is yes, then she should run with it no matter how crazy it seems!

It is okay to help others and over extend yourself now and again, but you can’t help others when you’re depleted. By being strong and empowering yourself, you’re giving others the right to empower themselves.


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