Namaste: Allow your light to shine

Namaste: Allow your light to shine

10 years ago I was interviewing a potential instructor for a massage therapy position. A few days after the interview I received a thank you card and it was signed NAMASTE. I was not familiar with the word so I looked it up. Nowadays “Namaste” has become trite and overused, printed on yoga clothes and said way too often, diluting its true meaning.

The word “Namaste” is an ancient Sanskrit salutation. It isn’t a mere social greeting, but has a rather deep spiritual significance! The light within me salutes the light within you” is the translation and acknowledges that we are all light and all one.

However, do we really embrace the true light of those we are involved with? Most parents want their children to do better in school or become better athletes. Wives and husbands want a thinner or younger model. We can barely meet someone without “fixing’ their wardrobe mentally or judging their personality just within a few minutes after meeting them. So in reality we don’t accept the light of others, and it’s because we aren’t fully accepting our own. When you try and fix or change another and not truly accept them the way they are you are dimming their light (at least trying), but mainly just extinguishing your own.

When trying to change another person you are simply lacking self-acceptance. Wouldn’t it be best if we all went around empowering each other’s spirits and strengthening the light that others bring into the world, rather than trying to blow out the candle immediately after meeting someone because we feel insecure?

So the next time you say “Namaste”, take a deep breath, focus on your heart chakra and truly offer the encouragement that their light may shine as bright as possible; in turn, you’re giving yourself that same permission as well.



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