Life Isn’t Adding Up? Here’s the Solution!

Life Isn't Adding Up? Here's the Solution!

This morning I had a client who asked what the reason was for her anxiety and panic attacks. The guides explained that pain is the body’s way of letting us know a physical ailment is present and that mental health problems are the mind’s way of telling us that the spiritual body is in disarray. This particular client had felt insecure her entire life and when we asked the Records, they explained that her soul had been given a mission as a spiritual warrior. The guides reminded her that she had been born prematurely, kicking and screaming because her soul couldn’t wait to get started on her path of warrior and teacher. Along the way she got misguided and the pain and anxiety started. She has spent the majority of her adult life trying to get back on her true spiritual track. If she didn’t have the panic and anxiety to remind her, then she wouldn’t keep searching!

Another client this week asked “when will I be happy”? The guides shared with her that happiness wasn’t an equation. They stated that we Earthlings think that if we possess education+spouse+car+house+retirement+child etc.. that it adds up to happiness.

This equation will NEVER work. Happiness is not a destination. The guides insist that it is the lack of happiness that presents itself in depression, melancholy or anger, and that keeps us searching for our true mission in life. Without a physical ailment we rarely visit the doctor, and so it goes, without spiritual pain what motivation would we have to find God? Our soul has a mission and until it’s on the right path things are going to feel as if “there is something more”. If you’re feeling unhappy, miserable, as though things never work out for you, or just feeling as if your life isn’t headed in the right direction, be grateful that you’re receiving the signals to keep searching! Know that there is a clear distinct path for you and your soul will continue to remind you of that until you find your light.

If you feel this way, the best solution is to pray for answers. Sit in silence in a dimly lit room, light a candle and close your eyes. Ask your inner guide to show you what your true path is. It may come in a form of a thought, a vision or just a sense of knowing that the message seems right. Once you receive your message, act upon it. You cannot let fear win in place of faith. Take a leap and see what happens. You can always go back to your old ways if it doesn’t work out (you won’t trust me). Once you’re on the right path you will never ask “when will I be happy again” you will simply live each day capturing that essence and doing everything in your power to continue holding on to that feeling. That is your true spiritual nature and the only mysterious equation any of us should focus on solving.

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