Home Alone with Buddha

Bird lady

In a session last week, Buddha appeared and repeated his famous aphorism “attachment is the cause of all suffering”. He told the client that she is attached to things people say, what she thinks people should look like and what people “should’ do. Buddha suggested that her ideas were outdated and the true source of her unhappiness.
He offered the image of an obscure character in the movie Home Alone 2. If you had kids or were a kid in the 90s you might get this reference. Do you remember the scene with the homeless woman covered in birds in Central Park? This is what our energy bodies look like when we invite outdated, useless ideas to hover around us. We wind up covered with bird feathers and poop! Imagine your body plastered with bird feathers. Better yet, cut some feathers out and start really thinking about ideas, beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you. Tape them all over yourself. Now look in the mirror, don’t you look ridiculous!? If you’re wondering why things aren’t happening for you, consider this… What space is there for a new job, lover or spiritual pursuit if you’re clinging to dirty, stinky old ideas?

Remember “birds of a feather flock together” – this adage supports the same idea – the vibration we send out influences what we receive.

Sit with the feathers attached to you for a while. Sit down and really have a heart to heart with yourself about what no longer is useful. Are you still holding a grudge because Sally stole your boyfriend 5 years ago? Let it go! Rip that feather off and replace it with a new one! Are you still bitter because your husband forgot an anniversary? Again replace that feather with something more useful. Our energy bodies hold on to everything, both positive and negative. When you walk out into the world, it is your energy body that people are seeing, not your physical body. If your feathers scream “victim” then you will be treated as such and this will repel people and opportunities. If your energy body says “open to anything” suddenly you will receive offers from everywhere, for all types of interesting adventures. It is time to RUFFLE YOUR OWN FEATHERS and let go of what is holding you back!

When Buddha manifested in the session he showed up as the jolly, round fat Buddha we are all familiar with. He volunteered that most of us have an “idea” of who people should be and how they should look or behave; however, our ideas do not change the essence of “what is”. He said that he appeared in this way (large and round) to teach the client that the outer appearance of a person doesn’t alter what’s inside. If you google Buddha a whole host of images will appear, but the essence and the truth of his message is unchanging. If you find yourself living by appearances, pretending to be something or holding onto something (a relationship, a house, a title) just for the outer appearance, the true essence of that will still shine through, and usually represents as misery, unhappiness, health problems or depression.

It’s no coincidence that Buddha chose the image of feathers to spread his message. Feathers represent flight and freedom. In ancient times birds were considered the animal closest to God so their feathers signify a higher truth and a spiritual purpose. When you dream of feathers it is a reminder of your own divinity, free and light. In Egyptian mythology, souls were weighed against a feather to determine if it was a pure soul and could pass on to higher realms after death. Do you want to be weighed down or transcend into higher spiritual planes? Then it’s time to be as light as a feather and remove those heavy burdens weighing you down.

Start to free yourself of things that no longer serve you. Start swapping out your heavy heart for a lighter path.
How will you know when you’re on the right path? You WILL find a feather to confirm you’ve made the change…how can I be so sure? A little (Buddha) bird told me….. 


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