Spritual Flatlining


A client of mine received some scary news earlier this week. It affected his state of mind for several days and I could tell he was trying to fake being ok when really he wasn’t. A few days after that, he received some really exciting news and I saw him turn ecstatic. It was a complete change, instantly. Have you ever thought about how many times a day your happiness level spikes or declines based on what you were told, what you thought or something you heard? The guides told me they call this spiritual flatlining. They said we should all track how our state of peace and joy changes throughout the day. If we were hooked up to a monitor we’d show up like a patient in a hospital room in critical care. Our hormones, blood pressure and endorphins would be all over the place depending on what information we were fed at that precise moment. Even though we’d show with a lot of neural and cardiac activity on the monitor the guides say this is proof that we are all flatlining spiritually. We are pretty much dead.

We all say we want happiness, peace, joy, but in actuality we aren’t comfortable in that state. Peace isn’t a state that is affected by what you have, what’s been taken away or what news you’ve received at a particular moment. Someone who is truly at peace has a steady flow of joy on her monitor that isn’t shaken because she is losing or gaining something materially. What are you doing to ensure you don’t spiritually flatline? Are you doing anything for your spiritual health? If you’re not, start today. Just like the doctors would put you on a healthy diet and medications for a cardiac arrest, put yourself on a spiritual protocol to avoid spiritual flatlining.

Start meditating, spending time in nature, saying prayers before meals…anything to keep you connected to your spiritual self. Your spiritual life is the bedrock of health. You’re a soul within a body so keep the body healthy, but focus on your spiritual health most importantly and trust me the next time you’re hit with something not-so-easy to swallow, your monitor will show a steady line because true spiritual health isn’t shaken up by anything!

Earlier this year I created a spiritual app called the Soul Tracker. It’s on iTunes for free. If you don’t know where to start recovering from spiritual flatlining this is a great tool. It helps you track the spiritual activities you’ve done each day and helps you begin a spiritual practice.
Want some homework to test your spiritual health. Step One: Take a notepad and draw a line graph 1-10 on the side. At each moment during the day when you get information, hear sad new, get great advice etc…track how you quickly jump from one state of mind to the next. This diagram will demonstrate what is going on internally. Step Two: Meditate, chant, do some deep breathing exercises and wait for the next “hit” of slightly distasteful information to head your way. You will automatically reduce the spike in how it effects you. These are proven ways to resuscitate your spiritual life, so start enjoying your new health right now!


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