Happy Spiritual New Year!

Happy Spiritual New Year!

Today’s post is a New Year’s homework assignment the guides gave this morning in meditation. It will be short and sweet, but I invite everyone to do this resolution, if it sticks, I guarantee your life will change!

“We are not our body, we are not our emotions, we are not our thoughts or our intellect. We are a soul.”

It is known in energy anatomy that we are comprised of several bodies or sheaths covering the truth of who we are, our soul. To the naked eye you can only see the physical body, but to the developed eye we have many more “physical” bodies. The densest body is the physical body which is comprised of the food we eat, the astral body is our emotional body. Next is a mental and causal body which includes thoughts and the intellect, and finally the soul.

There is a spiritual adage that states “as within so without” so when you’re experiencing things in your outer life, be sure this is an accurate reflection of what’s going on inside. One thing I see in readings often is how a person’s physical house reflects the state of their internal “house”.

This morning the guides gave me a tour of most homes in America! You have the kitchen which responds to your physical needs. Your bedroom meets the emotional criteria. The computer room or home office satisfies the intellectual stimulation, the living room satisfies your mental layer, but what about the spiritual body? What about your soul?

Most homes don’t have a corner, much less a room, dedicated to their inhabitants spiritual development. How can things go “right” when the only true aspect of you is getting no attention? How can things flow, when you aren’t carving out space for your soul? We are not our body, thoughts, emotions, or intellect. We are a soul. Start carving out space for your soul and start seeing changes happen immediately. Create a space to honor your soul. Throw a pillow on the floor, light a candle and sit in silence. Build out your garage and create a meditation room. Make room for your soul is making room for your true self. Invite your spirit back into your life this year, that’s the only new years resolution you’ll need and everything else will fall into place!

Happy New Year!


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