Are there trans-fats in your spiritual life?

trans fats

I am a functional nutritionist and in all of my years of giving spiritual readings the guides have never used this analogy; however, how relevant!

The client had recently lost everything! He lost his business, his lover and all of his “friends”. He was in total despair and came for some guidance.

The guides opened up with an image of trans-fats. Trans fats, as is well-known, are the unhealthiest fats and they’re man-made. Back in the 80s trans fats were believed to be the new great thing! We’re always looking for the new great thing right? Well, scientists came up with the idea of trans-fats to make fats more stable. Normally, fats like unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature and separate and these didn’t “look” quite good enough on a shelf so man invented trans-fats. They thought let’s take what NATURE made unstable and make it more stable in a laboratory! Trans-fats would have had the benefits of unsaturated fat, but they would be stable and “pretty” at room temperature. Now many years later we know that trans-fats are the unhealthiest fats and these man-made fats cannot compete with nature’s original product.

This client was told that his life had been one comprised of trans-fats. Fake friends, fake love and most of all a man-made base, not a spiritual or nature-made foundation. The guides explained that even though things in his life appeared “stable”, like the trans-fats, they were toxic and soon proved to be harmful to his health. Spirit was nowhere near his heart and money had become his God. The Universe made sure all fake, unhealthy “stable” appearances would be removed to bring back his true nature, no matter how unstable it appeared.

The client had recently lost 100 pounds. The guides told him that as he slowly adjusted to the new weight he would slowly start re-introducing certain foods back into the diet without gaining weight. His weight would become stable. They explained that as Spirit re-emerged as the core of his life he would slowly create stable friendships, attract stable love and his bank account would stabilize.

All of us at some point, in some area in life have chosen to appear “stable” rather than show our unstable nature-made selves. Are you pretending to be someone you’re not at work to impress your boss? Are you acting as if you’re interested in a certain topic to impress a potential life partner? Think about what you’re pretending to be? For whom? Why work so hard to be fake and something you’re not? This is harmful to your health! Has God been pushed out to accommodate fake friends and lovers or a new God like money, an bodily appearance or a new home? What are you doing to honor your Spirit?

Trans-fats are found in processed foods and contribute to inflammation in the body. The government now mandates that manufacturers label trans-fats since they’re harmful to your health and the FDA is trying to ban them entirely. Isn’t it time to eliminate (or at least label) the toxins and processed people and things in your life? Isn’t it time that trans-fats be banned from your life?

Bring true stability back into your life with Spirit as the center!



2 thoughts on “Are there trans-fats in your spiritual life?

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  2. wonderful analogy! Yes, my life was comprised of trans-fats. The appearance of stability was most important. working on a trans fat free life.

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