New Country of…..YOU!

FranmanyHow many of you are trying to take control of your lives but old relationships, family quarrels or past behaviors sabotage your efforts? I see many clients that want to rip themselves away from old patterns especially with relationships but can’t. So it’s time to emancipate  yourself! When you go back to old habits and old ways of thinking you’re relinquishing power to that person, idea or thing. It’s time you take charge and become an immigrant of a new land…your own!

Immigrants struggle with leaving everything behind, customs, family, clothing, home,  yet they’re on a search for a new life. If you truly want a new life you need to do the same thing. Go onto any nation’s government website and print out the application for citizenship/visa for that new country. Cross out the name of the country and put your name there instead! When it asks what citizenship you’re relinquishing put in the names of the people or things you want to get away from, put everything in there, don’t hold back. Get passport pictures made, purchase a passport holder for the new visa/citizenship and print out a card with your country’s name on it, your picture and citizen number (#1)!

Get a stick or piece of wood and place a map of your “current state” on one end and your new land (i.e., Country of Frances/Franmany) at the other end and walk from your current state to your new country holding your new citizenship paperwork and your new mind set. Anytime you see yourself reverting back to your old ways, customs, beliefs, thoughts or habits, realize you’re in a new land where you make the rules! Release yourself of the old hostage/baggage required by the old country, you’re in a new land now and you’re in charge!


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