What’s for dinner?


Ever feel you spend your whole day catering to everyone else’s needs? Most people do, especially women. So for Mother’s Day here are two great exercises the guides want to gift all mothers (and dads too).

Imagine you go to the grocery store, buy the items you need to make dinner, go home and make the meal and when you serve it everyone at the table says “I don’t like that, make something else”. You go back to the grocery store, buy more items, go back home, make anther meal and serve it again and someone says “I don’t eat that”. You rush back down to the store, pick up something else, heat it up when you get home, serve it, and again another voice “Eew, that’s gross, I don’t want that”. By the end of this escapade you would be exhausted, I’m tired just writing about it; however, when we are in people-pleasing mode this is exactly what happens to our spirit and let me tell you IT’S EXHAUSTED!

The guides say to look at life like a salad. If you fill your bowl with delicious greens, and healthy veggies you have the foundation of a nutritious meal. If you load up on croutons, cheese crumbles, and bacon bits, the meal might taste great, but there is little nutrition. When you give time and energy to debilitating thoughts and waste energy on people that don’t deserve it you’re eating the unhealthy salad. How will you feel after that? Bloated, fat and unhappy. If you eat a salad of greens and veggies, you feel nourished, alive and full of energy.

So here are two homework assignments – Yes, the guides love to give homework 

First, find someone who can help role play the first scenario. Pick a day you can dedicate to this activity. Go to the store buy the items for your favorite meal let’s say spaghetti and meatballs, make it and serve it to your friend. Have him say he doesn’t like it and he really would love some chicken and rice. Physically go back to the store, purchase the items come home, cook it and serve it again. Have your friend role play again “Oh, I only eat white meat I’m sorry I didn’t tell you”. So now go back to the store a third time and buy the ingredients for lasagna. Make it and serve it once more. Have your friend remind you he is lactose intolerant. By that third trip (you will need a whole day for this activity LOL) you will be angry, tired, resentful, sad etc…just like we feel when someone is dissatisfied with us or we are with ourselves. When you feel this physical representation of what your negative thoughts and people-pleasing activities do to your self-worth you must STOP! You need to feed yourself first and once nourished then worry about others.

Now your second homework assignment is to make picture salad. You’ll need to gather some photos, a paper plate and scotch tape. In this salad the greens are photos of you, so fill up your plate with selfies. Next, take the photos of your loved ones – the protein if you will – and place them in a tighter circle around the center of the salad leaving the images of yourself fully visible around the edges of your plate. Finally, sprinkle pictures of friends, co-workers, pets, bosses, etc. on top of the foundation of your healthy salad. This picture salad is representative of the people you need to give importance to in your daily life. If you focus on those on top, the bacon and croutons, you won’t feel satisfied, but if you focus on yourself first you will feel healthful, invigorated and nourished. You will be able to enjoy the candied pecans and blue cheese in the small portions they are meant to represent and will feel full and energized.

The best part about this kind of diet is that it’s self-perpetuating. If you engineer your plate to these proportions today, it’ll make you feel so good you’ll want to make another again tomorrow.

So what’s for dinner? Whatever you want as long as it nourishes YOU! If the others don’t like it, let them have a bowl of cereal 🙂

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Are you Thin Obsessed?

Are you Thin Obsessed?

Are you thin obsessed?

You’re probably thinking this is a blog about weight loss or dieting, but it isn’t. It’s no secret that we are a thin-obsessed nation and most everyone is on a diet at some point. Each morning on my way to my prayer altar I take a glance in the mirror as a walk down the corridor and nasty thoughts always creep up. They sound something like this… “you need to start working out your upper body, you could stand to lose a few pounds, you ate too much last night”. Within the first few minutes of waking my ego has taken over and has found a way to pummel me to the ground. This morning I lay awake and didn’t get up right away. I said my initial prayers in bed and asked my usual question ‘what do I need to know today?” The guides quickly responded…”this society is thin obsessed”. My initial reaction was “Duh!” but then they elaborated.

It’s needless to say that we are physically thin-obsessed. Dieting has become a multi-billion dollar industry, there is a gym on each corner, and every third commercial is for a weight loss supplement. Even the spiritual practice of yoga has become a workout trend for the physical body. Are you aware that in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras the asanas (the poses) are a miniscule portion of the writing? The reality is that the poses were meant to strengthen the spine to sit longer in meditation. This has been taken to our thin-obsessed nation as another weight loss modality to honor the physical body rather than the spiritual practice it was intended to be.

The guides continue…we are also thin-obsessed with our mind and thoughts. We as a society are unable to remain focused on any one thing for more than a few seconds. We jump around from thought to thought and never remain present. Our thoughts are focused on what we need more of or what we haven’t done, rarely enjoying the moment we are living in. We are confused, thinking happiness lives in the past and future… “When I had…when I am…When I don’t have to …” …rather than in the right now. These thoughts lead our actions and why so few are satisfied at this moment. To paraphrase a parable noted by Thich Nhat Hanh which says… the most important person in the world in the person in front of you and the most important thing you have to do is what you’re doing at this moment; however, we pride ourselves on multitasking and we are always planning ahead or looking behind. Children within a few months of birth are handed an iPad or LeapFrog and are welcomed into our ADHD culture. We have picture in picture so we don’t miss a show and can watch 2 at once. No wonder our thoughts are thin! Try sitting in silence for 2 minutes. Analyze the amount of thoughts racing through your mind and consider their content – this will usually indicate where your focus lies.

Another area we are thin-obsessed with is in our relationships. So little of us reach outside our comfort zone to develop relationships with our neighbors or those in the community. Our focus has shifted from the family to the workplace. We spend more time on the phone talking to our boss or talking about work than knowing what is going on with our children. If you do not have a child in sports, I invite each of you to slow down and drive by a park in the evening. Watch the dynamics on the field. The children are playing and the parents are on their phone or iPads working. In the Devil Wears Prada, Adrian Grenier says to Anne Hathaway “You know, in case you were wondering – the person whose calls you always take? That’s the relationship you’re in.” The point is that we have thinned our relationships to those who will give us a promotion, make us feel good or receive praise from. This is temporary satisfaction and means nothing. Being an obsessed workaholic was never written on a tombstone as praise, but I’m sure there are many buried in this country. If those that matter do get a speck of our time, we cannot concentrate on the conversation because we are staring down at our phones. But let’s forget about failure to cultivate a relationship with others. Most of us cannot sit still with ourselves or God. “Man Know Thyself” is inscribed at Delphi. But how many of us do the work to really know ourselves? If we have a few moments of free time we are bored or googling something because the quiet time with ourselves is scary. What if we find out something we don’t want to know. What if God does speak through us and we don’t like what we are told? We prefer to silence the intuition and the space where our divine-self resides with Google and Instagram.

So we are obsessed with our body and mind….what about spirit? Thin? It’s practically absent from the picture! The true antidote to everything the guides mentioned is engaging in some sort of spiritual practice. Whether it is meditation, yoga, breathing, chanting or prayer, we have a lot to gain from regularly incorporating some spiritual aspect into our lives. When we pay attention to our breath we start slowing down. And, you will notice that as you count your breaths you don’t have time to listen to your thoughts. When you chant, it raises your spirits and instead of wanting to be in a gloomy work atmosphere you run home to your kids or loved ones to help you maintain that same elevated vibration. When meditating, you become centered and clear your mind. You have silence (which is what we all need) to hear the inner voice of God that lives within (BTW the only messages you’ll hear are of true love!). When you pray, you are surrendering to something higher and there is no more special relationship.

Our weight obsessed, work obsessed culture doesn’t produce. We are sick and unhappy. Incorporating one spiritual practice into your life, that you do consistently, will help to keep you in balance and re-focus your life on what really matters.

So FATTEN UP YOUR SPIRIT and the rest will all work out!

Life Isn’t Adding Up? Here’s the Solution!

Life Isn't Adding Up? Here's the Solution!

This morning I had a client who asked what the reason was for her anxiety and panic attacks. The guides explained that pain is the body’s way of letting us know a physical ailment is present and that mental health problems are the mind’s way of telling us that the spiritual body is in disarray. This particular client had felt insecure her entire life and when we asked the Records, they explained that her soul had been given a mission as a spiritual warrior. The guides reminded her that she had been born prematurely, kicking and screaming because her soul couldn’t wait to get started on her path of warrior and teacher. Along the way she got misguided and the pain and anxiety started. She has spent the majority of her adult life trying to get back on her true spiritual track. If she didn’t have the panic and anxiety to remind her, then she wouldn’t keep searching!

Another client this week asked “when will I be happy”? The guides shared with her that happiness wasn’t an equation. They stated that we Earthlings think that if we possess education+spouse+car+house+retirement+child etc.. that it adds up to happiness.

This equation will NEVER work. Happiness is not a destination. The guides insist that it is the lack of happiness that presents itself in depression, melancholy or anger, and that keeps us searching for our true mission in life. Without a physical ailment we rarely visit the doctor, and so it goes, without spiritual pain what motivation would we have to find God? Our soul has a mission and until it’s on the right path things are going to feel as if “there is something more”. If you’re feeling unhappy, miserable, as though things never work out for you, or just feeling as if your life isn’t headed in the right direction, be grateful that you’re receiving the signals to keep searching! Know that there is a clear distinct path for you and your soul will continue to remind you of that until you find your light.

If you feel this way, the best solution is to pray for answers. Sit in silence in a dimly lit room, light a candle and close your eyes. Ask your inner guide to show you what your true path is. It may come in a form of a thought, a vision or just a sense of knowing that the message seems right. Once you receive your message, act upon it. You cannot let fear win in place of faith. Take a leap and see what happens. You can always go back to your old ways if it doesn’t work out (you won’t trust me). Once you’re on the right path you will never ask “when will I be happy again” you will simply live each day capturing that essence and doing everything in your power to continue holding on to that feeling. That is your true spiritual nature and the only mysterious equation any of us should focus on solving.

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Namaste: Allow your light to shine

Namaste: Allow your light to shine

10 years ago I was interviewing a potential instructor for a massage therapy position. A few days after the interview I received a thank you card and it was signed NAMASTE. I was not familiar with the word so I looked it up. Nowadays “Namaste” has become trite and overused, printed on yoga clothes and said way too often, diluting its true meaning.

The word “Namaste” is an ancient Sanskrit salutation. It isn’t a mere social greeting, but has a rather deep spiritual significance! The light within me salutes the light within you” is the translation and acknowledges that we are all light and all one.

However, do we really embrace the true light of those we are involved with? Most parents want their children to do better in school or become better athletes. Wives and husbands want a thinner or younger model. We can barely meet someone without “fixing’ their wardrobe mentally or judging their personality just within a few minutes after meeting them. So in reality we don’t accept the light of others, and it’s because we aren’t fully accepting our own. When you try and fix or change another and not truly accept them the way they are you are dimming their light (at least trying), but mainly just extinguishing your own.

When trying to change another person you are simply lacking self-acceptance. Wouldn’t it be best if we all went around empowering each other’s spirits and strengthening the light that others bring into the world, rather than trying to blow out the candle immediately after meeting someone because we feel insecure?

So the next time you say “Namaste”, take a deep breath, focus on your heart chakra and truly offer the encouragement that their light may shine as bright as possible; in turn, you’re giving yourself that same permission as well.


Avoid the Shark Tank

Avoid the Shark Tank

I recently finished this amazing book called The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. The basic premise of the book is to remain a witness as life unfolds and not to get “stuck” energetically while negative things happens. It’s when you get involved emotionally that you create energetic blockages. This isn’t a new concept, Carolyn Myss speaks frequently about our energetic currency and how we give away our energy “money’ to haunts from our past in Energy Anatomy and Ram Dass discussed being an observer of life in his classic Be Here Now, among others.

Sometimes I read spiritual books and even though I understand the author’s message theoretically, I need a more visual or practical suggestion of how to apply what the author is saying. So I ask my guides.

I asked the guides what image I could use to remind me to be a witness as things happen that would normally get me out sorts. They showed me a small child gazing into a shark tank. The guides say that we are the child. Our true essence is like that of a child that just sits as the sharks swim by. The child doesn’t jump in to get eaten alive. So why do we? We are spirit and really just the observer of our thoughts and actions. However, when the ego takes over we effortlessly jump into the shark tank without even questioning it.

Lately, every time someone cuts me off in traffic or says something I would normally snap at I remind myself “don’t jump into the shark tank” and it automatically keeps me in spirit mode, not ego mode. I’ve been doing this for several weeks now and I feel so much more peaceful, at ease and I am enjoying sitting in spirit and not fighting with the ego.

Don’t underestimate the power you have to impact the energetic frequency of your family, your neighborhood or your whole city. When we consciously refuse to jump into the shark tank we can relieve stress, change our energetic vibration and even change the world. When we refuse to engage the ego and spirit wins, it becomes contagious.

I still have a long way to go, but I can truly say that since I have started viewing little (or big) situations as simply a shark tank and remembering that I have a choice whether or not to jump in, my life has been transformed.

One question that will change your life!

ImageWhen I do chakra cleanings the most common chakra that is stuck or blocked is the third chakra. The third chakra represents our self-worth, self-esteem and empowerment. The color of the chakra is yellow and is located in the solar plexus, where our bellybutton is. Most of my female clients have issues with saying no, putting themselves first and self-esteem, so, inevitably many messages come through about increasing self-esteem.

My client this morning received a message that she needed to start slow in making her changes. She suffered from the pleasing syndrome and she needed to start saying no. First the guides explained that when she says yes in situations that she really means no, she is bringing negative energy into the situation.  So when she says yes to lending a hand but doesn’t really mean it, she is actually hurting the person because the vibration is a negative one. So when you think you’re helping out, but you’re heart isn’t into it, remember that you’re actually hurting and the true way to help out is by saying no.

Last week I was waiting for a client and before the reading the guides told me to lay outside on the grass and get some sun. I didn’t know why, but I did it anyway. When the client arrived she needed work on her 3rd chakra and the guides explained that this was the reason they sent me out to the sun. The sun is the main source of energy and is the symbol of self-esteem. The sun heats all of us, but it doesn’t forget itself while it’s taking care of others. When you’re feeling weak, guilty, or easily suckered, go outside and pull the sun into your third chakra. Just a few minutes under this powerful star will give you the boost you need to feel empowered!

Another client said her life had changed after her Akashic records reading. This person suffered from the yes disease as well. She said yes to everyone and everything which left her with so little time for herself. With one homework assignment the guides changed her life. The guides had told her to ask herself one question whenever she was going to make a decision. “Does this contribute to my self-esteem? If it doesn’t, then she would opt not to do it, on the other hand, if the answer is yes, then she should run with it no matter how crazy it seems!

It is okay to help others and over extend yourself now and again, but you can’t help others when you’re depleted. By being strong and empowering yourself, you’re giving others the right to empower themselves.