Heading Up?

Take a look at a football, even if you’re not a sports fan you can see that the laces are “stitched” and can easily represent a “wound”. The client I read last week was shown a football and the guides said the laces represented the size of the wound she was holding onto. The laces […]

But Why?

  If you have raised children or have been around children you know they go through the “WHY” phase. They ask WHY about everything! Scientists say this is a genuine attempt at getting at the truth. Do you realize that we are no different when we pray, plead or demand from God? Who knew that […]

Picking up the Pieces

  The Big Bang theory has been on my mind lately. Everyone is familiar with this theory and how it explains the development of the Universe. In its simplest form, the Universe was initiated by an unfathomably swift and immense explosion. Following the famous eruption of energy, tiny loose particles floated freely for hundreds of […]